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How to Buy Bitcoins Anonymously?

How to Buy Bitcoins Anonymously?

Before using their accounts, customers of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are required to complete a verification procedure. Due to their anti-money laundering standards, all platforms that allow you to purchase cryptocurrency using a debit or credit card want an ID verification.

However, what does it mean for our privacy? What happens to our personal data, which is kept on centralized servers and is simply waiting to be stolen by hackers? This tutorial will provide all the information you need if, in addition to wishing to earn money using Bitcoin, you also want to acquire it anonymously without having to provide identification.

Is Anonymity and Privacy the Same?

Privacy and anonymity are not the same thing. A publicly auditable, open-source database of transactions serves as the foundation for Bitcoin. Anyone with an internet connection is able to examine every transaction that was logged in this database.

This public ledger, commonly referred to as a database, is the Bitcoin blockchain. It stores the sender’s address, the receiver’s address, the amount of bitcoin, and every transaction that has ever been made. As a result, anybody may view the amount of bitcoin stored at each address. Addresses are not always associated with other pieces of data like a name, phone number, or actual location.

Bitcoin and blockchain addresses are therefore pseudonymous, not anonymous. A person who adopts a false name or identity to hide their conduct is said to practice pseudonymity.

It enables Bitcoin users to track the overall supply of the money while yet maintaining their anonymity. If Bitcoin were completely anonymous, it would be difficult to confirm that no new bitcoins are being produced.

Is Bitcoin Anonymous?

Given that the wallet address is not connected to a specific person’s identity, bitcoin is anonymous. For instance, using a credit card to make a purchase is not anonymous since your identity is associated with every card transaction. However, using cash is absolutely anonymous because it cannot be linked to you.

Bitcoin is less anonymous than cash even if it is more private than credit cards. The blockchain stores information about bitcoin transactions. Data from the payment amount, sender address, and recipient address are all included in every transaction.

Bitcoins from a prior transaction are used in every transaction. As a result, it is possible to track every bitcoin transaction from wallet to wallet. Despite being 100% traceable, addresses cannot be connected to any specific person or organization. 

Therefore, bitcoin is said to as pseudo-anonymous. Although a person’s identity may not always be connected to a bitcoin address, some people may post their wallet address publicly, making them associated with that specific address. 

Anyone with enough time and effort might study the ledger after the association is created. Additionally, they can find out how many bitcoins a person has, how they got them, and how they used them. One must take the appropriate measures to make sure that their identity is not connected to transactions or addresses in order to claim that bitcoin is anonymous.

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