Best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

For more than twelve years, Bitcoin has been a household name, and from all indications, it is here to stay. Apart from investing and trading cryptocurrency, there are other ways to make passive income from an exchange. Of the many ways, one of the most reliable and time-tested methods is the cryptocurrency affiliate programs.

Many exchanges use cryptocurrency affiliate programs to draw in new users. Existing users earn a commission when a new user signs up on the platform using their referral link. Many exchanges or markets have their special Bitcoin affiliate program. The referee’s earning potential or commission percentage differs from exchange to exchange.

How to Earn Bitcoin Through Affiliate Marketing?

Cryptocurrency exchanges often offer you various rewards for inviting your friends. These systems are called affiliate or referral programs.

Although each exchange has a different system, the general logic is to earn money from the transactions of each friend you invite. In this way, while crypto exchanges increase the number of members, the inviting member and the invited member also benefit from various opportunities. So it’s a win-win system.

To earn money or discounts from Bitcoin affiliate programs, you need to be a member of a crypto exchange from the best list below. Then you need to create a special link for yourself from the affiliate system and share this link with your friends. The system is that simple. As your friend completes their membership and makes transactions, you will earn money from these transactions.

15 Best Crypto Affiliate Programs

With affiliate marketing, you can earn Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies without doing anything. There are many platforms that provide this, but we present the best 15 of them.

We considered high rate commission, user-friendly platform, and reliability while choosing the best.

Binance Affiliate Program

binance affiliate program

Binance is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange used worldwide. Among the many exchanges, they are one of the biggest names in the space. Binance referral ID offers users a 20% commission when they refer people. Furthermore, if you hold up to 500 BNB (Binance coin), you could earn a 40% commission on referrals. Another interesting thing about the crypto affiliate program is that your referrals can get between 5-20% discounts once they sign up. The commission is paid with the cryptocurrency the referral purchases.

  • Earnings are for a lifetime.
  • Commissions are paid immediately.
  • Certain users can attain a 50% commission tier with time.

Coinbase Affiliate Program

coinbase affiliate

Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency brokerage in the US, and it is well known around the world. Coinbase users earn a 50% commission on their referrals trading fee for only three months, during which they must transact on the exchange.

  • Commissions are paid immediately in fiat via PayPal.
  • Coinbase does not put a cap on the number of referrals you can introduce.
  • They employ Impact, a reputable network, as their affiliate program manager.

CoinMama Affiliate Program

coinmama affiliate program

CoinMama, another cryptocurrency exchange, allows users to buy and sell crypto conveniently. CoinMama has a crypto affiliate program from which users can earn a 15% commission for a lifetime when people sign up using their referral link. Referral earnings are paid out every month. Before you get paid, a minimum of three transactions must have been carried out by three different referrals.

  • The 15% commission from referrals is for life.
  • CoinMama uses cellxpert software to track your affiliate earnings.
  • Commissions are paid in cash.

BitPanda Affiliate Program

bitpanda affiliate program

BitPanda is a centralized exchange that enables users to buy, sell or swap bitcoin and several other digital assets. When you sign up for the affiliate program, you get a special referral link that you can share with people. Once people sign up with your link, you earn a 20% referral bonus from their transactions.

  • Referees can earn commissions for life.
  • Affiliate earnings are paid immediately.
  • Commissions are paid in crypto to your wallet address.

LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program

localbitcoins affiliate program

LocalBitcoins is a common ground for buyers and sellers of bitcoin to connect. It serves as an online marketplace where the exchange of crypto takes place. LocalBitcoin connects and provides Escrow services to mitigate loss from both ends. LocalBitcoins has a bitcoin affiliate program where users can earn a 20% commission on the trading fee of their referrals. If a user convinces a buyer and seller to sign up and complete a trade, he earns a 40% commission instead.

  • Commissions are paid with bitcoin and sent to your wallet address.
  • Commissions from referrals are paid for one year.
  • Payout is immediate.

eToro Affiliate Program

etoro affiliate program

eToro is a trading platform that allows you to trade cryptocurrency, stocks, and any commodity. eToro has an affiliate program called eToro partners, one of the most lucrative Bitcoin affiliate programs. Active traders on the platform can earn between $200 to $600 from referrals. The amount a trader earns from referrals depends on his country. Traders from top countries, i.e., countries with a high trading volume, can earn $600 at once.

  • Traders can earn up to $600 at once.
  • Traders earn commission just once.
  • The referral cash is paid via bank transfer and PayPal.

Paxful Affiliate Program

paxful bitcoin affiliate program

Paxful is a cryptocurrency exchange used to buy and sell bitcoin and several other altcoins. In Paxful’s affiliate program, there is a two-tier referral system of earning. Tier one referrals are those who sign up using your referral code, while tier two referrals are those who signed up with your tier one’s referral link. You earn 50% of Paxful’s escrow fee from tier one and 10% from tier two from all successful trades. After a minimum of $10 worth of bitcoin has been made, the cash can be transferred to your wallet.

  • A two-tier referral system.
  • Earning potential is for a lifetime.
  • A minimum of $10 is required to redeem cash.

Trezor Affiliate Program

trezor affiliate program

Trezor is a well-known manufacturer of hardware wallets. These wallets are used to store cryptocurrency offline to prevent malicious attacks online. Trezor has an affiliate program that enables users to earn 15 to 20% commission from every sale of hardware wallet they carry out. Considering the price of one Trezor hardware wallet, the commission you receive per sale is very decent. However, commissions are earned only once. To earn more, you have to make more sales.

  • 15 to 20% commission per sale.
  • Affiliate partners have a dashboard that shows a break down purchases and referrals.
  • The commission is paid in cash or bitcoin.

Paybis Affiliate Program

paybis affiliate program

Paybis is a cryptocurrency exchange in the UK that allows users to purchase bitcoin and a few high trading cryptos through multiple means. Once you sign up for Paybis’ crypto affiliate program, you earn a 20 % commission from your referrals. Payout is every month, and the minimum amount paid is $50.

  • 20% commission per trade.
  • As long as referrals use the platform, there is no limit to how long you can earn a commission.
  • The payout method is by cash and bitcoin.

KuCoin Affiliate Program

kucoin affiliate program

KuCoin is another top cryptocurrency exchange worldwide. They recently rolled out their crypto affiliate program that enables users to earn up to 40% commission when they refer friends. Sign up for the affiliate program and begin referring people to earn a commission. You earn when your referrals register and trade. You have a chance to earn an extra 5% on commission when the person you referred signs up for the affiliate program as well.

  • Two-level referral systems of 40% and 5%, respectively.
  • Commissions are paid with cryptocurrency.
  • Earnings from referrals are long-term.

CryptoHopper Affiliate Program

cryptohopper affiliate program

CryptoHopper is a trading bot that enables traders to use time-tested strategies to make the most out of the market. CryptoHopper is a subscription-based platform with different plans available. Therefore, the amount you warn for bringing in referrals is dependent on several factors. However, you earn 15% of your referral’s trading fee. In some cases, you can even earn up to 50% when you refer new affiliates.

  • Up to 50% commission as the payout.
  • There are free contents to share when referring people.
  • They have an impressive track record of performance.

HaasOnline Affiliate Program

haasonline affiliate program

HaasOnline is another reputable trading bot that traders can use to carry out automated trades. HaasOnline has a bitcoin affiliate network that allows users to earn up to 25% commission on referring friends or family. The referral system has three tiers, with the base tier at 10%. You receive a 15% commission at the first tier when you have referred five people. You move up to the second tier to earn 20% when you refer ten people. The third and final tier gives you a 25% commission when referring twenty persons. You should know that earnings and tiers are reset at the beginning of a new month.

  • Commissions are paid with bitcoin and sent to the wallet address.
  • You receive payment upon requesting manually.
  • Operates a three-level referral system.

StormGain Affiliate Program

stormgain bitcoin affiliate program

StormGain is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers buying, selling, exchange, trading, and even mining services. StormGain launched its cryptocurrency affiliate program in 2019 to reward its affiliate partners and increase engagements. Users who refer new members to the platform stand a chance to earn commissions through a CPA plan or a revenue-sharing program. In the CPA plan, qualified users can earn up to $1,200 or a 35% gross revenue through the revenue-sharing program.

  • Earnings are for a lifetime.
  • A fast payout is available through multiple payment methods monthly.
  • A real-time statistical insight that helps to monitor traffic and track earnings.

Coinrule Affiliate Program

coinrule- affiliate program

Coinrule is another trading platform that allows you to integrate trading strategies into exchanges without coding. Coinrule has one of the best crypto affiliate programs in the industry due to its competitive rates. It allows its partners to earn up to 30% commission from referrals who subscribe to its plan.

  • A high commission rate of up to 30%.
  • Fast payout by cash or crypto.
  • Impressive analytical insights of earnings and referrals.

Changelly Affiliate Program

changelly affiliate program

Changelly is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange that supports more than 150 cryptos. Furthermore, they have one of the best crypto affiliate programs that have attracted top media outlets in the crypto industry. Users can earn up to 50% commission when the referred people sign up on Changelly. The referral is done typically by installing their widget on your site or sharing your affiliate link.

  • You earn 50% on all referrals for life.
  • There are several customizable tools available to help promote engagement.
  • Analytical software that tracks your earnings has been integrated into the platform.

Cryptocurrency affiliate programs are the perfect opportunity to earn bitcoin or cash passively, even while you are asleep. By referring friends and family to exchange or platform, you help drive engagement and promote them. In return, you are rewarded and incentivized to continue to do so. There are several ways to promote your affiliate link. Once you figure out the best way to reach people, you begin to enjoy the benefits of a bitcoin affiliate program.

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