About Us

CoiNews.io is a content platform that feeds its followers completely independently with content covering the future of money such as cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. We explain what to do in very simple steps for those who are considering investing or do not know how to do it.

The world of cryptocurrencies is developing day by day. We are proud to be with a growing number of businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and people adopting this technology and to be able to talk about the many advantages these innovations bring.

One thing is certain today; to educate oneself, to be aware of new financial and technological innovations. As the CoiNews family, we are here to provide you with this.

CoiNews was founded in 2019 to post about cryptocurrencies. Since then we have managed to be a reliable source of information for this business.

About Founder / Content Manager: Steve Wayne

CoiNews.io was founded by Steve Wayne.

After sharing his research on the forums and Twitter, Steve decided to open his own site. Thus, he shares his crypto money experiences with you here.

After studying economics for 5 years, he gained experience in online finance investments for 4 years. He worked as a financial audit specialist for 2 years. He did his master’s degree in economics in London. After many years of researching Blockchain technology, he loves to share his experiences, regularly basing his investments on technological developments.

Content Creator: Anna Carolina Carvalho

Anna generates content that guides users by conducting extensive research in the world of cryptocurrencies for CoiNews.io. Working as an expert at MSRT, Anna is interested in investing in cryptocurrencies as a hobby. Anna, who has lived in London for many years, is always on the agenda as she has a group of friends who only speak cryptocurrencies.

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You can send an e-mail if you have a request: contact@coinews.io