What Everybody Ought to Know About GladAge

Published on 03 May. 2018

There’s no query that blockchain technology is presently revolutionizing the way aged care sectors are using it and how it is embedded into a wide range of distinct industries. With the world aging every second there are an estimated 962 million people who are aged 65 or above, which is approximately 13% of the world’s population. The population of aged people is increasing by 3% per year. Population aging has an impact on so many facets of public life like acute and healthcare requirements such as pensions, housing, transportation, work and retirement.

After a certain age, every individual needs extra care and attention from the family members, but younger generation at that time would be busy building their life and career. Because of that, they would not have enough time for their elders, and they would feel lonely and unwanted. Seniors will need redundant medical care frequently and utmost attention throughout their life.  And the old age systems are distorted, they are unorganized and not appropriately funded too.

GladAge addresses all these issues and is building an entirely new system where the seniors would be provided with the best thoroughly scrutinized homes and individualized care. Its platform also offers options to book a caretaker on demand, purchasing old care equipment and personal care services online. They are here to build the best senior care system that fits in the intention in decentralized ways which supports scaling the solution swifter as per market requirements.

This system is backed by blockchain technology with the ethereum smart contracts which manage the trust-sensitive ownership and pay off the structure, as well as the elaborated specifications of the GladAge platform, online marketplace and GladAge funds. They offer GAC tokens, dissimilar to other cryptocurrencies as these are not finite to demand and supply. With minor fluctuation, it will be supported by real assets and liquidity in this physical world. The tangible assets and the property assets purchased will have value only concerning GAC tokens that put the dominance of the system with sophisticated use cases forwards. This makes it more valuable with time and giving fierce competition to other cryptocurrencies worldwide.

GladAge affiliates with like-minded organizations to capitalize their operational experiences. They intend to work in unison with the governments to alleviate distribution and access of grant and aids. GladAge engages with corporations nether CSR schemes for donation purpose. They create possibilities for landlords and property owners to establish a source of gross by leasing out their properties to government or any social ventures. Simultaneously this will produce Glad economy for landlords backed by a cryptocurrency and smart contracts to help alleviate governance. The smart contracts will facilitate complete compatibility between two stakeholders in the validation, accounts, legal and verification process. They conduct auction and donations e-platform for elderly goods. GladAge enables a scoring system which brings in a competition between stakeholders and organizations to maintain their prosperity. The caregivers at GladAge undergo vigorous training to provide the best care for seniors.

Many people don't get a chance to live a century. The older people get, the more fatigued and restless they become. But the views become more copious. Anyways it’s never too late to make plans for old age, GladAge can be there for you, and it is undoubtedly the best choice.

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Name: Abhimanyu

Company Name: GladAge

Website : https://gladage.com 

Official Email : info@gladage.com

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/gladagecare/

Telegram : https://t.me/Gladage

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