Betting Platforms Start to Use Blockchain

Published on 30 Apr. 2018

Every gambler needs to be assured that his/her personal data and money are under appropriate level of security and that all the calculations are fair that is why the blockchain is started to be used by many betting sites.

The online global gambling industry is growing rapidly with millions of users joining it from all over the world. In recent years, more and more betting companies have started to show their interest in blockchain solutions and developing their own applications powered by blockchain.

The problem is that bettors might lose everything even while winning, because there is always a chance of someone refusing to pay up. What is more, for obvious reasons, there is no channel of appeal in such cases. This way betting turns from pleasure into anxiety of their client.

When it comes to gambling, we all know that the house always wins. But what if there’s no house? The DUCATUR will allow to create decentralized betting systems resolving key problems of betters: lack of transparency in calculating results and odds; and low level of privacy and protection of their personal data. The platform will provide an opportunity to create a safe and reliable platforms where a better controls the whole situation and receives immediate payouts without any worries.

Ducatur is a framework that allows you to create oracles for reliable data exchange between the interacting participants on the blockchain. That would be a system in which you always trust the received data and which provides a reliable connection between the blockchain and external information. Joining Whitelist till 1 May, users can get +15% bonus for purchasing DUCAT tokens.

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