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04 Oct. 2017

Blocksale: Connecting Accredited Investors with Legitimated ICO

The FinTech Industry is witnessing its brightest and darkest times with market cap of crypto assets booming over $165 billion and the rise of ICO culture as a means to launch projects using the power, security anonymity, which is offered by blockchain.

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29 Aug. 2017

Blockchain of Ubers generation: Launches ICO evacuation platform CarTaxi

Calling a tow truck for a car is a common thing on the roads and a demanded business. But have you ever thought about the fact that automobile car towing is a global market, to which “uberisation” has not yet reached?

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15 Aug. 2017

CarTaxi – the “Uber” of car towing – an Ethereum based platform, becoming the 1-st worldwide towing aggregator

While the world is idling by, blockchain is coming to the motor vehicle towing market. Blockchain developers recently created and launched their new project – CarTaxi – the first global service for towing vehicles based on blockchain.

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Siberian team is on a “crouch start” to launch an ICO of decentralized betting eSports platform HUNT.BET

Year to year, the e-sports championships’ prizes are growing exponentially, the leaders of leading brands are putting their attention on this industry.

09 Aug. 2017

investFeed Showcases First Version of Cryptocurrency-Based Social Investment Platform

Launch comes mid-TGE and well ahead of product roadmap

04 Aug. 2017

ATLANT Real Estate Platform for Tokenization of Assets and Airbnb Killer Announces its Presale

Presale of ATLANT ATL tokens started August 1st with a limited supply allotted for early adopters with 1010 ATL per 1ETH.

02 Aug. 2017