Alibabacoin Foundation Announces the Launch of Their Wallet

Published on 18 Aug. 2018

The long wait is over. Alibabacoin Foundation shared the good news that the new, improved and updated Multi-Crypto Wallet is now released. Now, people can download the wallet and start using the functions which are available.

The company knows that there are many people who are waiting for the release, and now, after testing and working on improving the functionality and usability of this application, Alibabacoin Foundation would now proudly release their Multi-Crypto Wallet.

The wallet is available for mobile phone users. You can download it on Google Play Store for Android users or on the App Store for iOS users.

AirDrop: Download The FREE Wallet and Get 100 FREE ABBC

In their statement, Alibabacoin Foundation mentioned:

We want to thank our faithful community who are eagerly awaiting the release and constantly monitoring our official channels for updates. We are very grateful for your continued support and patience with us.

With this, they announced that they are continuing with giving away 100 FREE ABBC to the first 500,000 who will download the FREE wallet and complete the registration process.

To those who want to get additional ABBCoins, you can also get a referral link after you sign up. You can forward this referral link to others and you can get an extra 20 ABBC.

Benefits of Know Your Customer (KYC) Event

The KYC (Know Your Customer) event is a way for a company to get to know their audience and supporters. If the company knows their customers, they can make improvements in many aspects like user experience in their websites, apps, and customer service channels.

By signing up to the KYC, you are not only getting the free coins, but you are helping Alibabacoin Foundation to better understand the community and improve their services.

Multi-Crypto Wallet

After the event's completion, the Multi-Crypto Wallet will be fully integrated into the Alibabacoin Foundation blockchain platform. This app will allow for the secure storage and transfer of six crypto-currencies namely, ABBC, BTC, ETH, LTC, QTM, and DASH simultaneously. All of these currencies can be exchanged and transferred seamlessly within the app, without the need for a password, and with an unparalleled level of security from the advanced facial recognition technology. While they will start with just these six, the company is planning to add up to twenty currencies on the wallet in the weeks ahead.


Alibabacoin Foundation is very happy to present these new updates. They wanted to thank their audience for the continued support that they are giving.

If you want to stay updated about Alibabacoin, you can visit their website:

Follow their social media channels:

Or Join the community on Reddit:

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