Katy Perry Showed Her Crypto-Nails

Published on 27 Jan. 2018
Katy perry dnc

The world of show business dictates the fashion trends, so probably tomorrow your girlfriend or wife will be boasting of the nails a la Katy Perry. Recently, the singer posted on Instagram an image of her “crypto-claws” with the most popular cryptocurrency symbols.

You know how to find out whether something is a mainstream? Check out the celebrity news. They are always striving to stay in sight of the public, tracking and using the latest tendencies of the luxury and high-class life. So the recent news from Katy Perry, who perhaps has felt the “taste” of Bitcoin and the winning pace of the digital currency, is not strange. Lately, she published the image of her cryptocurrency-themed nails on Instagram.

In her Instagram post under the name "$ -CrYpTo ClAwS- $" Katy Perry demonstrates an image of her nails. They are decorated with the symbols of the several most popular cryptocurrencies.

As expected, Bitcoin is in the spotlight. Thumbs show the popular Ethereum, and the rest nails have Litecoin, Stellar, and Monero.

This is not the first time when Parry is spotted in the relationship with cryptocurrency. As far as November last year, she published a photo of her conversation with the investor Warren Buffett. In that post, Katy explained that she had been asking Buffett to share his thoughts on cryptocurrency. We hope she hasn’t followed his advice since the American billionaire stated in January that he didn’t see the perspective for Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies would have a sad ending.

Nevertheless, Katy Parry is not the first celebrity who has gotten into the star ship of crypto-winners, and she won’t be the last one. A boxer Floyd Mayweather was one of the first celebrities who supported cryptocurrencies. A multiple world champion with several titles, Mayweather announced that he had used Bitcoin in Beverley Hills, California, this way advertising the ICO of the project on the cryptocurrency debit cards. Later on, he supported digital currencies by publishing his photo with the debit card Titanian Centra in his hands (a card for various cryptocurrencies) in the high-class shoe store.

One of the members of the hip-hop band Wu-Tang Clan, Ghostface Killah, seems to have been connected with the cryptocurrency company Cream Capital. With the help of its Cream tokens, the company gathered funds for the financing of the network of cryptocurrency ATMs. By the way, the name Cream Capital comes from the song Wu-Tang Clan of 1993 «C.R.E.A.M» (the abbreviation stands for “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”).

We are likely to watch many more celebrities who will enter the cryptocurrency scene. Someone would have a direct interest, but the majority would probably do it for advertising only. Nevertheless, it’s curious how much the cryptocurrency projects are going to pay to receive the support from the celebrities. ICOs are raising tonnes of cash which can be used to hire some big names.

However, all these advertising campaigns can appear to be not entirely legal. The special sub-division of the USA Security and Exchange Commission that is responsible for violations during the ICO announced the following: the public support of ICO by the celebrities potentially violates the rules of the securities regulation, as they do not reveal the source and the sum of compensation received for the advertising campaign.

Still, in the case of Katy Perry, she has nothing to worry about since she’s showing off the images of cryptocurrencies and doesn’t support any ICO. 

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