Medium decent
07 Nov. 2016

ICO of Decentralized Platform DECENT Has Finished

The decentralized platform for content distribution has gathered 4,146,346 USD for its development during the two month crowdfunding campaign.

Medium zcash starts
31 Oct. 2016

The Launching of ZCash Has Already Happened

The last hours before the start of the mining of this anonymous crypto-currency were really hot. The attention of all crypto-currency community was very attentive and somewhere even morbid, which resembled the times of gold fever on Alaska, when the gold was first found there.

Medium poloniex
28 Oct. 2016

Poloniex and Kraken Have Preliminarily Announced Zcash Trading

A message about this has appeared on the official Twitter of both these cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Poloniex informs that Zcash will become available for trading today, October, 28, right after the start of mining of this anonymous cryptocurrency.

More news

Synereo Team Has Gathered 4.7 Million For Expansion

Blockchain-company Synereo, located in Israel, announced about the successful finish of the crowdfunding campaign on its official blog. It gathered money for the development of the decentralized calculating platform. The sale of tokens attracted additional 4.7 million dollars.

26 Oct. 2016

NXT Prepares to Move to Ardor Blockchain

The project, which positions itself as a platform for the smart-contracts, prepares to not only change its name, but fully move to the new blockchain. This will happen only in a year, in the third quarter of 2017

24 Oct. 2016

Russian Analogue of Steemit Will Be Launched Soon

In October, 18, the new social network “Voice” (“Голос”) will be launched for the Russian-speaking users. It is built on the Steemit blockchain – its English analogue. Steemit grows in popularity, which allows the authors to earn more for the unique content publications.

17 Oct. 2016