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20 Nov. 2017

Lightning Network Was Used for the First Time to Fulfill Litecoin/Bitcoin Transaction

Lightning Network, introduced to Bitcoin together with Segwit, will allow users to exchange Bitcoin to Litecoin and vice versa instantly. On November, 17 the first transaction between these two cryptocurrencies was fulfilled.

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28 Oct. 2017

New South Korean Altcoin Exchange Upbit Opens For Beta-Testing

South Korean financial and technological startup Dunamu, a unit of the biggest South Korean platform for message exchange, has opened its new cryptocurrency exchange for beta-testing.

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16 Aug. 2017

Bitconnect Coin (BCC) Hits New All-Time High at $115, as Bitcoin Price Surges

Throughout last week, during the strong rally of bitcoin, Bitconnect Coin (BCC) gained upward momentum, surpassing the $100 mark for the first time in history and establishing a new all-time high at $115.

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ShapeShift adds WAVES support

The popular instant-exchange app ShapeShift has added WAVES to its extensive list of currencies, bringing greater liquidity and accessibility to the well-known custom tokens platform.

04 May. 2017

Lisk Has Announced the Future Payouts to Its Delegates

The platform for decentralized applications Lisk has announced about its decision to start the process of reward payout for forging to its delegates at the end of this year. The mechanism of block forging is the analogue of mining in other crypto-currencies

09 Nov. 2016

ICO of Decentralized Platform DECENT Has Finished

The decentralized platform for content distribution has gathered 4,146,346 USD for its development during the two month crowdfunding campaign.

07 Nov. 2016