Undeclared Mining Equipment Was Extracted at Ukrainian Customs

Published on 14 Sep. 2018
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On Thursday, September 13, the State Border Service of Ukraine exposed the citizen of Germany who tried to import undeclared mining devices. The incident happened on the Ukrainian-Polish border crossing point “Krakivets,” informs Zaxid.Net.

The border guards found the batch of computing machines in the car that crossed the border through the green channel.  

German citizen transported 28 complects of computing machines Antminer Z9 mini. These are the devices used to mine the cryptocurrencies with Equihash algorithm - Zcash (ZEC), ZenCash (ZEN), ZClassic (ZCL), Bitcoin Gold BTG), Bitcoin Private (BTCP) and other.

Some of the mentioned cryptocurrencies carried out hard forks to make this ASIC unsuitable. In July, Bitcoin Gold changed its existing Equihash PoW algorithm to the Equihash-BTG aiming to stop ASIC attacks and double expenses.

The average price of one Antminer Z9 mini in Ukraine is around 45 thousand hryvnias. The whole batch costs near 1.3 million hryvnias. The border and customs service employees extracted the devices.

The legislative status of cryptocurrencies in Ukraine is not defined yet. In March, the government complemented KVED with the paragraph about mining, but it didn’t make mining entirely legitimate.

According to the Trading and Economic Development Ministry and due to the data from Blockchain Research Institute, Ukraine is among top-14 countries for blockchain deployment.

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