Crypto Competitor of Wikipedia Has Debuted

Published on 20 Aug. 2018
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“Online encyclopedia, developed specifically for the modern epoch,” - the long-awaited Everipedia is officially launched. The project is developed with EOS.IO technology. The encyclopedia will reward its users by the crypto tokens for the article providing and editing. Also, IQ tokens give the owners the voting right in the network.

Everipedia is marketed as the alternative to Wikipedia. It aims at democratizing the model of the encyclopedia and stimulating content makers. The founders claim that decentralized structure will disable the network censorship. The reward system is designed for more inclusive, fully autonomous content without donations and advertising.

New Encyclopedia Based on Wikipedia Model

We are thrilled to release our minimum viable network which allows users to create articles and vote in a decentralized manner for the first time,

- said Dr. Larry Sanger, chief information officer of Everipedia and co-founder of Wikipedia, in his announcement.

He said that blockchain technology enabled the innovations for online information based on the Wikipedia model.

Users will only need an EOS account and IQ tokens to create content and vote on

16.8 million of IQ has been already provided to the network users,

- Sam Kazemian, co-founder, and president of Everipedia, said.

Theodor Forselius, CEO and co-founder, added that Everipedia would help to decentralize the global knowledge in the blockchain.

Kazemian and Forselius joined Mahbod Maghadam and Travis Moore in 2015 to create Everipedia as a more inclusive alternative to Wikipedia.

Everipedia already has millions of unique monthly users and around 6 million articles, which exceeds the contents of the English version of Wikipedia. The website also has millions of unique users every week, and more than 8000 volunteers and editors on Facebook, Reddit, and Telegram.

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has recently stated that he had a prejudice against blockchain. He called it a hyped bubble.

Nevertheless, back in 2014, after the Internal Revenue Service had provided its recommendations on using Bitcoin for taxation, Wikipedia fund started to accept donations in Bitcoin.

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