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Lisk Has Announced the Future Payouts to Its Delegates

The platform for decentralized applications Lisk has announced about its decision to start the process of reward payout for forging to its delegates at the end of this year. The mechanism of block forging is the analogue of mining in other crypto-currencies

09 Nov. 2016

ICO of Decentralized Platform DECENT Has Finished

The decentralized platform for content distribution has gathered 4,146,346 USD for its development during the two month crowdfunding campaign.

07 Nov. 2016

The Launching of ZCash Has Already Happened

The last hours before the start of the mining of this anonymous crypto-currency were really hot. The attention of all crypto-currency community was very attentive and somewhere even morbid, which resembled the times of gold fever on Alaska, when the gold was first found there.

31 Oct. 2016