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17 Aug. 2017

ATLANT Ending ICO Pre-Sale on August 19 Funding Goals Achieved, Focus Turns to ICO Launch on September 7

August 15, 2017 - Today ATLANT ( announced the successful completion of its ICO presale, raising over $1 million in just a few days, exceeding its revenue objectives. ATLANT is ending its ICO Presale on August 19, 2017 at UTC 00:00.

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23 Feb. 2017

Published Comparative Report on Worldwide Regulation of Cryptocurrencies

The first independent Russian-language report on legal regulation of cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency business in Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, the EU, Canada, China, South American nations, Russia, the USA, Ukraine, and Japan is published.

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30 Nov. 2016

Corda Souce Code Has Become Public

Bank consortium R3 which have been developing a private blockchain Corda for around a year already, has made its program code open for public. Platform code can be already viewed at github.

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Deutsche Bundesbank Tests Blockchain Technology

Deutsche Bundesbank has announced the testing of the prototype for securities trading, based on blockchain technologies, which is a result of cooperation with Deutsche Börse – market platform that trades securities and other assets.

29 Nov. 2016

Two Members Have Withdrawn From the Bank Consortium R3

Bank consortium R3 which is developing a corporate blockchain, has been left with two its members. This is an American investing group Goldman Sachs and Spanish landing and financial association Santander.

22 Nov. 2016

Bank Consortium R3 Has Finished the Development of KYC Procedure

Around ten biggest world banks that are the members of the global bank consortium R3, the main aim of which is the development of their own private blockchain, have finished the process of work on the service KYC.

11 Nov. 2016