Nuclear Engineers Mined Cryptocurrency in Russian Research Institute

Published on 09 Feb. 2018
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Nuclear experts, who work in the research institute, used a powerful supercomputer to mine cryptocurrencies.

The engineers of the Russian research institute of experimental physics, located at Sarov of Nizhegorod region, were arrested for mining cryptocurrency at their workplace. The incident is reported by "Interfax" referring to the press service of the institution.

Indeed, an attempt of unauthorized use of the official computing powers for personal purposes, including the so-called mining, took place,

- said a spokeswoman for the research institute.

From the other Russian informational resources, one can find out that the engineers of Sarov center used for cryptocurrency mining the powers of a supercomputer that had been operating since 2011, and at that moment had a computing power of 1 petaflops.

The similar attempts are not rear in Russia lately, let’s remind about the incident in the Russian airport Vnukovo – one of the system administrators has built a cryptocurrency mining farm in the center of airport traffic control. Also, a former municipal deputy was suspected of electricity stealing that was used for his mining pool.

One should mention that Russia, as well as Ukraine, has no legal regulations for mining, but the law draft on trading and cryptocurrency mining is at work at the moment.


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