Mining Equipment Was Found in Lutsk University

Published on 09 Feb. 2018
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One of the university workers is suspected in mining – computers, flash drives, and other equipment were excluded from the building of Lutsk National Technical University. The rector Petro Savchuk says there are talented workers in their university who could “grow” cryptocurrency, informs the local website. 

As the press service of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Volyn region reports, the equipment was located in the university’s building. At the moment, the police investigate the involvement of one of the workers to the excluded equipment and the possibility of the unauthorized intrusion into the institution’s automated systems, computers, and networks. Police also conducted a search at the worker’s apartment and excluded computer equipment.

source: volyn24

Recently, we have written about the similar incident on the territory of enterprise “Kvazar” in Kyiv, where police “expose” a mining farm. The haunting on miners in Ukraine continues, the investigation in case of teacher-miner goes on, and the accusation, published by the Volyn Prosecutor’s Office, sounds quite serious – criminal offense, established under the p. 2 par. 361 of CC of Ukraine (Unauthorized intrusion into the work of computers, systems, and computer networks).

The absence of legal regulative norms for cryptocurrencies and mining let the boat of justice wobble in any direction. In particular, it has become a matter of honor for the enforcement agencies to catch a miner. By the way, recently, Customs Service has seized the whole consignment of the expensive mining equipment in the Boryspil airport, for the sum of around 13 million UAH.

Press service of the financial assistance reports that the equipment has been purchased in Hong Kong. The buyers “concealed [it] from the customs service by presenting the documents with the false information on the ware value.”

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