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11 Nov. 2016

Bank Consortium R3 Has Finished the Development of KYC Procedure

Around ten biggest world banks that are the members of the global bank consortium R3, the main aim of which is the development of their own private blockchain, have finished the process of work on the service KYC.

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08 Nov. 2016

Австралійський уряд моніторить великі банки

This is made to anticipate the monopoly of the biggest country banks – both state and commercial – on the market of blockchain technologies. In the beginning of this year Australian banks and financial institutions have forbidden any usage of Bitcoin accounts, without any explanations of this step.

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03 Nov. 2016

Microsoft Added Stratis to BaaS Service

Microsoft continues to unite various platforms that provide a possibility to create personal decentralized applications within their partner program BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service). This time to the cloud service Azure a platform Stratis was added

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Application for Cryptocurrency Micromining

The announcement about this has appeared on the development company website. You can get additional information there and upload the application called "MicroMining".

01 Nov. 2016

Disney Has Created Its Own Blockchain

One of the biggest corporations in the world entertainment industry The Walt Disney Company, which is famous first of all for its animation movies (most of them have become a classic), has developed its own blockchain with the open source code.

25 Oct. 2016

Quantum Computers Will Kill Crypto-Currencies?

The term “quantum computer” has appeared long before the appearance of crypto-currencies. The American theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate Richard Feynman was the first to use this term in 1982, but for a long time it remained the theory only.

22 Oct. 2016