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24 Jan. 2018

Rosstandard to Consider Standardization of “Masterchain"

The committee on standardization of the blockchain technology “Software and hardware of the distributed ledger and blockchain technologies” has allied with FinTech.

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24 Jan. 2018

Drug Dealers in Ukraine Had a Side Job – Cryptocurrency Mining

Officers of the National police of Ukraine have exposed the group of drug dealers during the special operation. Dealers distributed drugs without a contact with a client. Even more interesting is the fact that drug dealers have also mined cryptocurrencies.

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22 Jan. 2018

Aleksandr Vynnyk Requested Political Shelter in Greece

Aleksandr Vynnyk is accused by two countries simultaneously. USА accuses him of laundering of several billion dollars by cryptocurrency manipulations, and Russia, which nationality he has, accuses Vynnyk of fraud in size of 667 thousand rubles

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Georgian Opposition Plans to Create Cryptocurrency and Distribute It Among Citizens

Georgian oppositional party Girchi has decided to fulfill the privatization of the state property by creating its cryptocurrency and using a decentralized data storage system.

15 Jan. 2018

We Are Working on e-Hryvnia, Not Personal Cryptocurrency, - NBU

Yesterday, on the NSDC meeting, devoted to the absence of the regulation of the cryptocurrency market in Ukraine, NBU representatives mentioned that they were working on investigating the question of the personal cryptocurrency.

12 Jan. 2018

NSDC of Ukraine Is Worried About Lack of Control on Cryptocurrency Market

Today, January 11, the National Coordination Center on Cyber Security has raised the question of the cryptocurrency market once again. It was initiated by the secretary of NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov.

11 Jan. 2018