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25 Oct. 2016

Disney Has Created Its Own Blockchain

One of the biggest corporations in the world entertainment industry The Walt Disney Company, which is famous first of all for its animation movies (most of them have become a classic), has developed its own blockchain with the open source code.

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22 Oct. 2016

Quantum Computers Will Kill Crypto-Currencies?

The term “quantum computer” has appeared long before the appearance of crypto-currencies. The American theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate Richard Feynman was the first to use this term in 1982, but for a long time it remained the theory only.

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21 Oct. 2016

The Update of OpenBazaar Is Released

The first in months update of the decentralized platform for online trading OpenBazaar was released yesterday. The announcement about this appeared on the official resource blog.

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Two Big Indian Banks Test Blockchain Technology

Right after the biggest bank in the private sector of Indian financial system ICICI, two more companies of this country have announced about the realization of test blockchain transactions.

18 Oct. 2016

Crypto-Currency Legislation Hearing in Polish Seim

Last week, Polish government clearly announced about its support of crypto-currencies in general and Bitcoin in particular. This event was organized by the member of Polish Seim Miroslav Suchon.

11 Oct. 2016

Nasdaq Wants to Patent Using Blockchain for Financial Markets

American OTC market, Nasdaq, that specializes on high-tech companies’ shares, applied for a patent on a method, which would allow to safely and reliably save records about the conducted transactions on the exchange platforms in blockchain.

10 Oct. 2016