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Russian Ex-Deputy Was Stealing Electricity for Cryptocurrency Mining

In Russia, municipality ex-deputy Dmitrii Silnov created a personal farm for cryptocurrency mining and was stealing the electricity for its needs from the residential house. The information was reported by Alisa Obrazova, an attorney, and municipality deputy

26 Dec. 2017

Russia Works Out Mining Tax Procedure

The RF president set the government and the Central Bank of Russia to work out the procedure of taxation and registration of the companies, involved in the cryptocurrency mining, until the summer of 2018. The information is reported by RBK.

11 Dec. 2017

Want to Buy a Car for Bitcoin in Ukraine? Not a Problem!

Bitcoin owners can easily use their cryptocurrency funds to buy a car. The price for Bitcoin is growing at a crazy speed. If you have this currency and want to buy a car – don’t hesitate to browse through the auto markets for the used car. Some car owners are ready to exchange them for Bitcoins.

08 Dec. 2017