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23 Jul. 2018

Ukraine Has Defined the Conception of Cryptocurrency Market Regulation

Ukraine has made considerable progress in the direction of cryptocurrency sector regulation.

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19 Jul. 2018

Miners and Cryptocurrency Owners in Russia Will Comply to the Existing Tax Code

The norms of the existing Tax Code will be applied to the miners and cryptocurrency owners in Russia. Anatolii Aksakov, the head of the Financial Market Committee of the Russian Duma.

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05 Jul. 2018

6 Million BTC Lost or Stolen. Should Its Price Be Higher?

This week, during the conference Building on Bitcoin, Jameson Lopp, the former leading engineer in BitGo and engineer in Casa HODL has mentioned an interesting detail. According to his calculations, 4 million bitcoins are lost, and 2 million are stolen.

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Binance Launches Fiat Trading Pair in Uganda

When at the end of April Binance was said to soon launch the cryptocurrency trading with fiat, everybody believed it would be in the Maltese jurisdiction.

29 Jun. 2018

Venture Investor Named One More Possible Reason of Bitcoin Fall

Venture capitalist Spencer Bogart named one more possible reason of the bearish market - the factor that many retail investors seemed not to consider earlier.

26 Jun. 2018

Bitcoin Updated Its 2018 Minimum but Recovered in an Hour

On Sunday, June 24, Bitcoin updated the minimum of 2018 several times reaching the lowest level of $5755. However, soon afterward, it bounced from this level and during the next hour raised to $6230.

25 Jun. 2018