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18 May. 2018

Cryptocurrencies in Russia Will Be Regulated as Property

AleksandrKonovalov, the acting Minister of Justice of Russia, stated that cryptocurrencies cannot be considered as digital money and therefore fall under the legal concept “Other property.”

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17 May. 2018

Russian Duma Committee Supported the Changes to Civil Code on Digital Law

On May 16, the State Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state development of the RF supported and recommended to adopt in the first reading the law project for regulating the digital economics.

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17 May. 2018

Azerbaijan Plans to Tax Cryptocurrency Operations

Income from the cryptocurrency operations in Azerbaijan must be taxed.

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Russia Can Adopt Database for Cryptocurrency Investors

State Duma of the RF can adopt some changes to the law project “On digital financial assets” concerning crypto investors to its second reading. According to the mentioned remarks, the deputies plan to create a register of cryptocurrency investors.

16 May. 2018

Ukraine Is Heading to Cryptocurrency Legalization

Ukrainian deputies are heading to the finish line in the regulation of the cryptocurrency market. They suggest that experts and all concerned joined the correction of the law project they are working on.

15 May. 2018

Vynnyk Was Planned to Be Killed in Greek Prison

A Russian Aleksandr Vynnyk who is suspected of laundering from 4 to 9 billion dollars through the cryptocurrencies, has lived through the attempt of poisoning in the Greek prison in Thessaloniki.

14 May. 2018