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02 Nov. 2017

Who and How Many Cryptocurrencies Do Ukrainian High-Level Officials Own?

Four people’s deputies, several regional council deputies, and some other government officials were discovered to own Bitcoin. This was investigated by the activists of the public movement “Chesno” (“Honestly”); the results were published in the report.

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26 Oct. 2017

Bitcoin Silver: Even “More Decentralized” Bitcoin Fork?

It seems like forming Bitcoin forks becomes a mainstream. Cryptocurrency industry may soon face one more “valuable” Bitcoin fork if the intention of Bitcoin Silver developers is not an attempt to play a trick on a community.

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12 Oct. 2017

Greek Court Decided to Extradite Alexander Vinnik to Russia

On October, 11, a Greek court in Thessaloniki satisfied a request from the Procurator General of the Russian Federation to extradite Alexander Vinnik to Russia, state Ria News.

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Greece Decided on the Extradition of Alexander Vinnik to the USA

Today, a Greek court in Thessaloniki has satisfied the request for extradition of the Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik, accused of laundering 4 billion dollars through the cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e.

04 Oct. 2017

A 10-Millionth Bitcoin Wallet Has Been Registered on

The world most popular service for creating Bitcoin wallets has marked a sufficient rise of users, the number of which has reached 10 million accounts., besides its main function, provides various statistical information related to Bitcoin.

23 Nov. 2016

Coinbase Will Protect the Rights for Confidentiality of Its Users in the Court

Last week, the US Revenue Service requested the data about transactions fulfilled by users of the popular Bitcoin exchange platform during the last two years. Coinbase representatives informed their users on the official blog

21 Nov. 2016