Eligma Will Change Online Shopping Forever

Published on 30 Mar. 2018

Today, people value their time, and online shopping via the Internet becomes a mainstream. Retail enterprises turn their shops to the exhibition halls and direct customers to their websites for the final arrangement of the purchases. The percentage of shopping via the stores and the Internet varies due to the categories of customers; however, the total share of Internet sales is increasing every year.

In 2016, the revenue of digital retail sales made 1.86 trillion US dollars, and it is predicted to increase to 4.48 trillion by the year 2021. The vast amount of online stores makes people spend a lot of time looking for the needed product with the acceptable price. People create multiple accounts in the online shops, and that causes confusion and complicates the search, purchase, tracking, and resale of the products. 

Opportunities of Eligma

Eligma comes as the answer to the issues mentioned above. It is a platform for the cognitive trading that uses AI and blockchain technology for the safe and transparent selling (buying) of the products, taking into account the characteristics of a product, its quality and price, terms of shipping, and many other factors. Eligma promises to simplify online shopping and management of personal merchandise inventory by introducing the transparent inventorying system.

Besides, Eligma offers a single trading account and allows making purchases in any joined Internet store with the help of universal shopping basket, without registration in every shop separately. Due to the AI, users can find out the predicted current and future price of products, which allows them to choose the best time for buying or selling the goods.

One more essential factor is the market of used goods that is rapidly growing. It has its specifics since the existing platforms are built on the general assumption that the majority of buyers and sellers are trustworthy. A high/large number of fraudulent actions often causes doubts in customers on buying and selling on the market of used goods since this market doesn’t assure the appropriate protection for customers. The blockchain platform promises to solve these problems.

Main Principles of Functioning

Eligma is based on three key pillars – discovery, inventory, and loyalty program. Let’s look into these principles in detail. 

1. Discovery

Users will enter the name of the product they want to find into the search field, and Eligma system, using the AI, will check all the Internet stores, added to its database. It will find the best offer based on the search parameters, analysis of customer behavior, his/her location, etc. 

The system can compare the quality-to-price ratio, and make a parallel search of alternative products that can suit better (the similar product for more attractive price or the product with better characteristics for the same price).  Eligma will introduce a unified account, i.e., everybody who uses Eligma can purchase anything in any shop registered on the platform, with the help of one account. Using Eligma cryptocurrency payment gateway, customers will be able to pay with cryptocurrencies even if a particular shop doesn’t support them.

2. Inventory

After every purchase, Eligma will show digital item profiles (DIP) that will be tracked via the blockchain. They will contain several records and links to digital documents such as confirmation of purchase, the profile of original product, description, repair, warranties, resale, and other tracked actions. These records will be kept in time sequence and will have marks of times and hash of the previous record. They will be signed up with the private key of the author; DIP will be added to the list of all products bought by the users.

3. Loyalty

Eligma is going to introduce a unified loyalty system that will use personal tokens ELI (ERC-20 Ethereum standard) instead of points and loyalty cards. Users will be able to earn ELI or buy them on online exchanges, and spend them for some advanced features of the platform. Retailers/Stores will be able to reward customers for buying the particular products or for the constant choice of their store. What is more interesting, Eligma loyalty program will be limited to the sellers’ imagination only. With time, they will be able to implement the new ways of rewarding their clients.

Customers will also be rewarded by the platform itself. They are going to receive ELI for the registration in Eligma, making purchases via the platform, providing more detailed information in their profiles, bringing new users and Internet stores.

Token Sale

To take part in any of two ICO phases, one has to pass the KYC procedure. The price (without bonuses) is 0.1 USD for 1 ELI. Tokens, unsold during the pre-sale stage, will be transferred to the following stage. Tokens, unsold during the main ICO stage, will be transferred to the fund aimed at rewarding Eligma users. The team plans to raise $24 000 000.

The pre-sale has started on March 20 and will last until April 10, 2018 (or until reaching the aim).

• the aim of pre-sale: to sell 216 000 000 ELI (or raise16 million dollars in ETH)

• the minimal sum for investing: 0,1 ETH

• the maximal sum for investing: 80 ETH

The team offers 15% bonus for all pre-sale buyers.

The main stage of ICO will start on April, 17 and will last until May 8, 2018 (or until the goal of ICO is reached).

• the aim of main ICO: to sell 84 000 000 ELI (to gather 8 million dollars in ETH)

• the minimal sum for investing: 0,1 ETH

• the maximal sum for investing: will be announced two days before the main stage of ICO

The buyers of first 20 million tokens, sold during the main ICO, will get 8% bonus. This bonus will reduce by 2% every next 20 million tokens. You can find more details about the ICO conditions on the project’s website or in the White Paper.

In general, the team plans to sell 300 million ELI tokens during the pre-sale and the main stage of ICO. The rest 200 million will be distributed among the Eligma team, project’s partners, advisors, and future platform users.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored story; it does not provide any recommendations on investments.

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