Service of Distributed Data Storage to Start ICO

Published on 09 Feb. 2018

The global market for cloud data storage is growing at a rapid pace. Only in 2016, its revenue was $26.4 billion, and considering the yearly increase of 24.8%, the number will rise to $100 billion until 2020.

Centralized and Decentralized Cloud Storages

At the moment, the most significant players on the market of cloud data storage are OneDrive (Microsoft), Google, Dropbox. One can also include Apple with its 900 millions of users, although the company is not considered by the majority of analytical reports since this service is embedded into the general ecosystem. In B2B sector, Amazon and Dropbox are the leaders.

But these are the services of centralized data storage, and they have their drawbacks. First of all, it’s the absence of embedded encryption and direct control of data access; the possibility of data scanning with the use of deep machine learning algorithms which can cause the automatic exclusion of data; inflexible payment packages which are inconvenient for users and sometimes cause overpayments. One can object that cloud services often offer free storage of the small amount of data (for example, up to 15 GB).  But is such storage safe enough?

Decentralized blockchain-based storages successfully deal with the security issues with the help of distributed data storage on PCs. However, PCs are not adapted to high loads and 24/7 work. The problem creates particular risks to a user: potentially low access speed because of unstable Internet-channel of a performer, inaccessibility of data when the performer’s computer is turned off, the possibility of data damage or loss in case of the device break down.

Ecosystem promises to eliminate the drawbacks of both types of cloud data storage. is a universal platform for storage, transferring, and direct distribution of data. It serves as an aggregator of hosting providers, a marketplace that unites hosters and customers (senders and receivers of data), and an instrument for the direct distribution of the author’s content.

The table below shows the benefits of compared to the similar systems (both popular cloud services and decentralized blockchain-based storages).

The main aim of is to create an accessible and transparent platform for storing, transferring and distributing of data. And all without outer regulation and commission for system members. More than that, the system of applications and offers that implements allows reaching the maximal effective pricing for the customers – they receive the possibility to choose the most profitable offer based on the suggested price and hoster’s rating. 

The majority of modern data storage systems are centralized, the information is kept in a particular place, on one or several servers, and often – in non-encrypted form. This means high risk of hacking and information theft, with further data leakage and passing it to the third parties,

- says the founder of the project Alexandr Rakhmanov.

The storage of data in the system and the cooperation between hosters and customers is built on the base of Ethereum smart contracts. does not impose strict technical restrictions on the performers. However, a required prerequisite for system access is an insurance deposit that serves as a premise of the responsible execution of the performers’ obligations.

The decentralization of the system and the use of encryption algorithms ensure the reliability of data storage. platform is designed as a system with zero-knowledge – only sender and receiver have the full access to the downloaded files, which guarantees the system’s security: records cannot be compromised, changed, or stolen by the third party.

Token System

Ecosystem provides two kinds of tokens – MASP і MASPC.

MASP (MarketSpace Token) is initially emitted token based on Ethereum blockchain. It is needed for the fundraising for the further system development; one can purchase this token during the token sale and, afterward, on the cryptocurrency exchanges. MASP is a utility token; it will be used as an insurance deposit for performers. MASP emission is regulated by the smart contract.

MASPC (MarketSpace Coin) is the inner cryptocurrency of the system which will be used as a reward for performers. MASPC is developed on its own blockchain. Due to this fact, there will be no commission for transactions (thanks to the absence of gas which is a payment for transactions on Ethereum platform). Cryptocurrency MASPC will be traded on exchanges as well. 

More detailed info about ecosystem is in the project’s White Paper.

Token Sale

ICO will start on March, 1 and will last for six weeks, until April, 12. The minimal sum planned to fundraise is $15 million, the maximal - $50 million. The price of MASP token is fixed - $6.75.

The minimum transaction amount is $35; maximum is unlimited. The project will accept Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, and fiat through Visa/MasterCard payment systems. Token emission is limited by the ICO term.


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