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09 Feb. 2018

Blockchain Technology FarmaTrust Will Help to Fight Medical Fraud

FarmaTrust is a highly efficient global tracking system that allows pharmaceutical companies, governments, regulators, and publicity make sure that the drug supply chain is not affected by the fake products.

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22 Jan. 2018

BitCoen is setting a course to Israel

While the Finance Ministry aand Bank of Israel are considering issuing a digital currency, the BitCoen project focuses on this important for the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem region.

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10 Jan. 2018

Kodak to Start ICO and Launch Cryptocurrency for Photographers

The American tech company Kodak has announced the launching of its cryptocurrency with the further ICO at the end of January.

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SwissBorg Has Raised 11 Million Dollars during the First Day of ICO

SwissBorg is revolutionizing wealth management services with a community-centric approach powered by blockchain technology

13 Dec. 2017

Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Can Forbid ICO Token Sale on the Secondary Market

Ministry of Finance of the RF plans to forbid ICO token owners to sell coins to anyone except their issuers.

08 Dec. 2017

The New IQeon Gaming Platform Will Make Developers' Income Several Times Bigger

A new serious player has entered the global market of mobile intellectual games – the decentralized gaming PvP platform called IQeon. In the closest future it will create a revolution, fulfilling a lifelong dream of all gamers

02 Dec. 2017