Medium online marketing
01 Nov. 2017

Bitcomo: A Platform for Partner Marketing Has Started Pre-ICO

Bitcomo is a decentralized advertising network for the partner marketing, built on the blockchain technology and perfectly suitable for online advertising. Bitcomo will work on the CPA principle

Medium altradex
24 Oct. 2017

Alttradex: Cryptocurrency Exchange for Professional Traders Starts ICO

Alttradex is a platform for trading cryptocurrency by professional traders. It has announced the start of ICO on October, 25.

Medium shuvalov
24 Oct. 2017

Russian Vice Prime Minister Promised To Not Let ICO Die

The First Vice-Prime Minister of the RF Igor Shuvalov promised on the Sochi Youth and Student Forum to stand for the possibilities of ICO and not let them “die,” inform RIA News.

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DAO PlayMarket 2.0 Challenges Google Monopoly in Android Apps Distribution

According to the open information resources, more than 80% of smartphones use Android OS.

20 Oct. 2017

Russian Agricultural Company Starts ICO to Raise $76 Million

Russian company “KAC” (“ХСК”), located in Voronezh, decided to use a popular way of attracting investments – Initial Coin Offering, or ICO. Fundraising will be carried out through the sale of MilkCoin tokens, created on the basis of Ethereum.

18 Oct. 2017

Blocksale Uses Artificial Intelligence to Check ICO for Law Compliance

Initial Coin Offerings are the most popular form of raising capital in the digital space, with so many new coins and new companies coming out daily, making decisions as an investor is getting tougher. With the lack of regulations, making investment decisions is tough.

04 Oct. 2017