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27 Oct. 2016

Ethereum Classic Carried Out Its Own Hard Fork

A cryptocurrency that emerged as a result of the first Ethereum hard fork denial, carried out its own hard fork. This paradoxical situation has appeared not without the reason, since ETC uses the blockchain of the maternal network

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20 Oct. 2016

Attacks on Ethereum Resumed

In spite of the fact that the renewal of the system seemed to be successful right after Ethereum hard fork, yesterday the attacks on the network resumed.

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19 Oct. 2016

Successful Second Hard Fork of Ethereum

Yesterday, the second Ethereum hard fork has been carried out successfully. As was announced, it happened on the block with the number 2 463 000. According to the, it was calculated by miningpoolhub.

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Ethereum Hard Fork Will Be Carried Out After the Block № 2 463 000

The announcement about the approximate date of hard fork has been published on the Ethereum community official blog. Earlier, the hard fork was planned to happen after extracting the block number 2 457 000, however, the start was postponed to better test the network.

15 Oct. 2016

New Ethereum Hard Fork Is Inevitable

Several days ago, a founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin confirmed the information about the new hard fork on his Reddit blog. He said that this is the only way that can improve the situation, that happened as a result of multiple DDoS-attacks on Ethereum network, and optimize its work.

12 Oct. 2016

Alpha-Testing of Social Network Akasha Will Start in October

A decentralized network Akasha that is based on the Ethereum blockchain and distributed system of data storage IPFS will soon start the testing of the closed alpha-version in the test network of the Ethereum. The announcement appeared on the official blog of the project.

06 Oct. 2016