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25 Nov. 2016

Bug in the Geth Client After Ethereum Hard Fork

Ethereum developers still cannot handle the technical problems that repeatedly emerge in the network. Two days after the hard fork the bug in the one of the two main Ethereum clients – Geth – was detected. This was reported by Vitalik Buterin on the official Ethereum blog.

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23 Nov. 2016

Activation of 4th Ethereum Hard Fork Happened As Planned

The fourth hard fork of Ethereum under the code name “Spurious Dragon” was carried out, as planned, after the calculating the block number 2 675 000. This happened yesterday, in 04:15:44 PM +UTC, the block was mined by the mining pool

Medium 4 hard fork
16 Nov. 2016

Ethereum Developers Announced the 4th Hard Fork

The fourth Ethereum hard fork will be carried out after the mining of the 2 675 000th block, it will approximately happen next Tuesday, on November, 22. The announcement has appeared on the official community’s Twitter.

More news

Golem Gathered 8,6 Million Dollars During 20 Minutes

The project of the decentralized supercomputer based on the Ethereum technology has gathered 820 000 ETH during 20 minutes. At the current rate, it is around 8.6 million dollars. The announcement about this appeared on the personal page of Golem on Twitter.

12 Nov. 2016

Project of Decentralized Supercomputer Starts Crowdsale

Decentralized platform Golem, which plans to buy a machine time of PCs of ordinary users and sell it to scientific research institutes, technology centers, laboratories – to all institutions that require global calculating powers, starts selling tokens GNT (Golem Network Token) as soon as tomorrow

10 Nov. 2016

Ethereum Developers Alert About the Found Vulnerability in Solidity

This has been announced today by one of the Ethereum developers Christian Reitwiessner on the official community blog. This vulnerability concerns the possibility of re-recording of stored variables.

01 Nov. 2016