Vibe tokens to start trading on, other exchanges to follow

Published on 29 Sep. 2017
Viberate livecoin

After the successful crowdsale that took place on September, 5th, and continued for less than 5 minutes, the team of a decentralised platform Viberate prepare to introduce their token Vibe on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Viberate is a crowdsourced live music ecosystem and an evolving marketplace, where we will match musicians with event organizers. Now working as a kind of IMDB for live music, it features over 120 thousand profiles of musicians, joined by 50 thousand venue profiles. Each profile contains daily updated social media stats, gig dates, contacts and recent content.

Viberate's recent ICO made history by selling out in under 5 minutes, hitting their over $10M hard cap. Viberate has officially joined some of the most successful crypto projects to date, receiving a vast support from all over the world.

We now have another validation that we are on the right track. However, this is still just another milestone achieved. There is a lot of work ahead of us, but - as promised - we will keep on delivering,

- said CEO Matej Gregorčič after ICO's successful completion.


The crowdsale raised over 10 million dollars, selling the total planned amount of Vibe tokens – 120 million. Tokens will be delivered to contributors immediately and become available after the official end of ICO on October 5, 2017. On the next day (October 6, 2017) Vibes will already start trading; the first exchange to list the token is The team hasn't revealed their exact plans about where the coin will next be listed, but they said they will get it on a few more. Gregorčič announced:“This way all latecomers will get the opportunity to buy the tokens,” he added.


Viberate's development team is now full devoted to meeting development deadlines. After successfully launching venue profiles in August, they will soon introduce the feature contributors have been anticipating most eagerly - rewards.

Being a crowdsourced database, Viberate will reward users who contribute content into the platform and promote it around. Adding new profiles, curating existing ones and promoting Viberate on social media and forums will soon be rewarded with Vibes.

From the content perspective, booking agencies can expect their profile roll-out near the end of 2017 and Viberate's CEO Matej Gregorcic says the profiles will be so good that most of the booking agencies won't need their own websites anymore. They will feature their whole roster, along with all the data and contacts, so promoters will easily browse through and decide who to book.

Decision-making will further be upgraded with time graphs, showing the movement of one's social media popularity through a selected time period, making Viberate even more attractive to anyone on the hunt for rising talent.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored story; it does not provide any recommendations on investments.

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