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Published on 01 Nov. 2018

On October 13–19, the new stage of the international project uniting art and technology, Blockchain Art Hackathon 2.0, took place in Kyiv.

This October the international project Blockchain Art Hackathon was second time held in Kyiv. This year participants there are residents of 10 countries of different ages: the organizers, following the principles of decentralization, refuse age and status restrictions, do not set the style framework, giving artists the opportunity to show their own vision of innovative technologies by creating art objects. In addition to artists, professionals of the IT industry, crypto anarchists and enthusiasts, managers and owners of large businesses traditionally participated in the project. The goal of unity is the creation of the unique Blockchain culture. After all, what do IT people do, if not art?

The idea of Blockchain Art Hackathon 2.0 was to design solutions to the challenges of the future, in which the joint existence of human and artificial intelligence can radically change reality. The mission of the second Blockchain Art Hackathon is the comprehension and appeal to the future. The topic: HI-TECH AND ART: CO-CREATION.

The project was organized by the provider of blockchain solutions BlockchainLab in partnership with the virtual and augmented reality studio Sensorama Lab, V Kyiv International Economic Forum and the innovative park UNIT.City.

The special feature of the event in 2018 is the format and platform for ideas pitching. This year Blockchain Art Hackathon reinforced the decentralization format by moving the location from Kyiv to the village complex, where educational and creative stages were taking place, saturated with workshops and master classes. Participants listened to lectures about Blockchain and other innovative technologies, singularity, futurology, urbanism, geopolitics and art business from leading experts — Denis Belkevich, Mikhail Minakov, Igor Novikov, Erik Nayman, Irina Akymova, Kazbek Bektursunov.

At the weekly art residence artists and animators tried to imagine new meanings of human and the role of the individual in society in the future, when technology will take over the routine that man today performs. The participants investigated how people's economic relations would change, what would be the difference between human and machine and which side would have an advantage; tried comprehend the large-scale problems of modernity and imagined where humanity would be at the end of the era of technological singularity.


The languages of artistic solutions in the project were painting, graphics, animation and virtual reality (VR). As the result of the joint work of artists, animators and business representatives the VR film was created, assembled from the work of teams. The most important meaning of the hackathon was the successful collaboration of artists: the participants were united into 15 teams, each of which have working on the chosen problem, united by the single theme “Economic Relations of the Future”.

“The main positive result of the project I see is the experience of international communication and the creation of digital art in pairs with previously unfamiliar artists. In the digital age the world is moving towards an increase in the number of collaborations in the international space, where human communication comes first. Do not forget that VR and Blockchain are just tools in the hands of the artist, the main engine of which will always be the exchange of thoughts and emotions with the outside world. It is nice that new art niches for the created works open up today: from 2019 CADAF will be held in New York — the first international fair of digital and crypto art. Looking at the final result, we can confidently say that the work of the participants would look worthily at the fair’s booth”, — Denis Belkevich, co-founder of Artherium, commented on the results of the hackathon.

For the first time this year in anticipation of bright decisions and answers to actual questions the V Kyiv International Economic Forum opened the door to art. KIEF — 2018, whose theme — CREATING FUTURE IN THE HI-TECH WORLD — echoes the theme of the hackathon, entered into the partnership and signed the memorandum with Blockchain Art Hackathon. The hackathon participants presented ideas at the pitching during KIEF — on the platform where business owners and heads of companies from around the world gathered. And the final VR film was demonstrated on the final panel of the forum with the country's most successful businessmen — Hard Talk with business leaders “The Shapers of the Future” from the main KIEF stage.

“Artists are great. It was the real challenge for everyone. It was such a serious marathon, which in complexity and tension was not inferior to other hackathons. We really showed that in the creative environment, despite the fact that everyone is a personality, every creator has an unconditional talent, cooperation is possible, co-creation is possible. This is the example of the fact that in the future people can move from war to unification, from competition to cooperation, complementarity. Someone succeeded more, some succeeded less. There are, of course, those who did not like this form, but nevertheless, we presented the general picture of the future. Yes, there are more questions than answers. Yes, it is not always bright and beautiful, it is not always figurative, but sometimes abstract. Nevertheless, the artists were able to feel the theme and express the attitude. As always, someone plunged deeper into the topic, someone not so deep. Someone had the opportunity to reflect in more detail, but someone did not. Eventually, our hackathon achieved its goals, the animated film — the result of the work of 30 artists from 10 countries — was created, and in the future we will continue to cooperate with artists and develop the project”, — Stanislav Podyachev, co-founder of Blockchain Art, shared his thoughts about the hackathon.

Business and art stretched their hands one to another, realizing that only the synergy of creative industries will create the prerequisites for understanding the rapid changes in the field of technologies that are already affecting the global economy.

Blockchain Art Hackathon 2.0 will be traditionally presented with a series of exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad, as well as the result of the hackathon — an animated film will take part in international animation festivals.

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