Blockchain Art Hackathon 2.0: technology, art and the future

Published on 12 Oct. 2018
Blockchain art

Already on October 13–19, the new stage of the international project uniting art and technology will be held in Kyiv — II Blockchain Art Hackathon.

Blockchain Art Hackathon is the annual international project in which the organizers, following the principles of decentralization, abandoned age and status restrictions, do not set the style framework, giving artists the opportunity to show their own vision of innovative technologies by creating art objects. The event gathers under one roof not only people of art, but also IT industry professionals, managers and owners of major businesses to create a unique blockchain culture.

This year, Blockchain Art Hackathon is dedicated to designing solutions to the challenges of the future, in which the joint existence of man and artificial intelligence will fundamentally change reality.

The project is organized by the blockchain solutions provider BlockchainLab in partnership with the virtual and augmented reality studio Sensorama Lab, the V Kiev International Economic Forum and the innovative park UNIT.City.

The mission of the second Blockchain Art Hackathon — comprehension and appeal to the future. Topic: HI-TECH AND ART: CO-CREATION. The peculiarity of the event is the format and platform for pitching ideas. This year, the Blockchain Art Hackathon reinforces the decentralization format by moving the location from Kyiv to a country complex, where educational and creative stages will be held, filled with workshops and master classes. Participants will listen to lectures on Blockchain and other innovative technologies, singularity, futurology, urban planning, geopolitics and art business.

Artists and animators will gather at the weekly art residence to present the new meanings of the person and the role of the individual in society at a time when technology will take over the whole routine that human today performs; and also to investigate how the economic relations of people will change, what will be the difference between a person and a machine, and which side will have an advantage. Can technology solve the problems of humanity? We will try to comprehend the large-scale issues of our time and imagine where humanity will be at the end of an era of technological singularity, and whether one of the ways will not end in a futuristic impasse.

Painting, graphics and animation were selected to be the languages of artistic solutions in the project. As a result of the joint work of artists, animators and business representatives, an animated film will be created.

This year, Blockchain Art Hackathon entered into a partnership and signed the memorandum with the V Kiev International Economic Forum, the topic of which — CREATING FUTURE IN THE HI-TECH WORLD — echoes the theme of the hackathon. KIEF and Blockchain Art are united in understanding the meaning of the creator as the predecessor of the one who thinks, plans and produces. Participants of the hackathon will have the opportunity to present their ideas at pitching during KIEF — on the platform where business owners and heads of companies from all over the world will gather. It is worth noting that for the first time KIEF opens the door to art, waiting for bright decisions and answers to topical issues.

Business and art stretch their hands one another, realizing that only the synergy of creative industries will create the prerequisites for understanding the rapid changes in the field of technologies that are already affecting the global economy.

After the Blockchain Art Hackathon 2.0, the project will be traditionally presented with a series of exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad, as well as the result of the hackathon — an animated film will take part in international animation festivals.

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