Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland to discuss blockchain application in science

Published on 14 Feb. 2018
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On February 21, Geneva will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions. Participants will discuss relevant industry trends and challenges from the perspective of developers, entrepreneurs, and investors.       

The event is held by Smile-Expo, an organizer of the largest industry events. Speakers include IBM and CERN representatives, as well as lawyers and economists specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and founders of successful blockchain startups.   

How can blockchain change science? This topic will be revealed by Manuel Martin Marquez, Big Data Project Leader and Blockchain Evangelist at European Laboratory for Nuclear Research (CERN). His presentation is titled ‘Open and Transparent Science Powered by the Blockchain’. The expert will talk about his collaborative project along with NASA: the development of decentralized system for publishing scientific materials. The project is aimed at changing the existing publishing system and making scientific knowledge more available.      

The conference will allow to discuss other sectors where smart contracts and distributed ledgers are integrated.  Karolina Marzantowich, IBM Distinguished Engineer, will tell the audience about blockchain-based e-voting systems that can significantly affect the digital economy in future.   

A presentation by Valdo Petronio, Wealth and Asset Manager Solutions, is dedicated to investment. His topic: Examining our Financial System to Understand Hidden Dangers and Investment Potentials in Alternative Currencies.

The cryptocurrency and ICO regulation, quite a relevant issue in the world, won’t be ignored by participants as well. It will be covered in the presentation by Aviya Arika, Head of Blockchain Innovation at Nir Porat & Co. Law Firm.  The expert will talk about legal risks related to managing a cryptocurrency exchange and a digital currency storage service (a wallet).   

Blockchain business owners will take interest in a presentation by Kir Kelevra, Head of Trading Wavesplatform and trendsetter in the crypto world: he will explain why all startup founders should choose between hype and real income.   

A presentation of Martins Liberts, Co-founder & CEO at Debitum Network, will address CEOs of blockchain companies launching ICOs. It is dedicated to self-regulated ICOs as a way to enhance company’s credibility.  

Vladislav Sapozhnikov is a blockchain resource founder as well: his decentralized cryptocurrency exchange called Deex.Exchange has a lot of advantages over popular exchange services, according to its developers. He will talk about the platform he has chosen for his own project (BitShare) and its advantages.  

The conference will engage 15 speakers: globally recognized experts in their sector. They will include not only Swiss blockchain community representatives but also blockchain specialists from Israel, Malta, Lithuania, and other countries.  

The full conference program is available on the website of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland

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