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13 Oct. 2016

The Results of Scaling Bitcoin Conference

The third Scaling Bitcoin conference took place several weeks ago at the Milano Polytechnic Institute. Despite the name which presupposes the focus on the questions connected with Bitcoin scaling, the range of questions highlighted in the conference, was much broader.

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11 Oct. 2016

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia Will Be Held in Moscow

Less than in a month, on November, 10, 2016 an already second conference this year, devoted to crypto-currencies and blockchain-technologies, will be held in Moscow. In addition, the questions about developing financial tools on blockchain, perspectives of investing into crypto-currencies

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07 Oct. 2016

Main Questions of the Bitcoin Scaling Conference

The Scaling Bitcoin Conference in Milan, Italy will start tomorrow. It is aimed at discussing the questions concerning the scalability of the Bitcoin network.

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Blockchain Bitcoin Conference Kiev 2016

The third international conference Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev has been successfully carried out. It has demonstrated that Ukraine takes the leading place in the cohort of the countries that actively implement blockchain technologies

26 Sep. 2016

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Will Take Place in Kyiv

On 23rd of September the 3rd international conference Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev will take place. It promises to become the most numerous on CIS territory, members will come from other European countries and even from the USA.

22 Jul. 2016

Devcon 2 and 2nd Global Summit in Shanghai

Ethereum and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs announced about the holding of the united mega-conference Devcon 2 and Second Global Blockchain Summit in Shanghai on 19-24 September, 2016.

06 Apr. 2016