Blockchain and cryptocurrency in Azerbaijan. What will experts talk about at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku?

Published on 10 Aug. 2018
Bitcoin blockchain conference baku

On September 27, Baku will bring together world-renowned blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists. Along with Azerbaijan entrepreneurs and investors, they will discuss the condition of the country’s crypto market and share case studies of blockchain integration.

The meeting will be caused by Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku, an event dedicated to the blockchain market, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs, organized by Smile-Expo.  

A positive dynamics of Azerbaijan’s crypto industry development is noted by both the business community and lawmakers. The country allows to use cryptocurrencies freely. Moreover, they will be included in the legal environment due to the Ministry of Taxes. In April, one established the Center for the Study and Development of the Market for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies,

- Anastasiya Kulakova, the Event Coordinator, reports.

About the conference

Guests will meet leading crypto experts from Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and the UK. Keynote speakers will include: 

• Tural Kerimli: Director of the High Tech Park of Azerbaijan. He will share information about the crypto market condition in Azerbaijan and talk about prospects of country’s cryptocurrency businesses.

• Maryam Taghiyeva: Chief Systems Architect at the UK-based Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance. She will reveal a secret of finding a world-class consulting company.    

• Batyrbek Umarov: Founder and president of the BlockchainKZ Association. The speaker will reveal features of the cryptocurrency and blockchain market in Central Asia: from legal aspects to tip on avoiding scammers

•Igor Porokh: COO at iTuber, a community of online investors. He will talk about trading on the cryptocurrency market: from basic knowledge to risk estimation.   

•Artem Koltsov: Head of the Expert Council on digital economy and blockchain technologies at the State Duma of the Russian Federation. He will dedicate his presentation to the features of Asian investments in token sales.

Exhibition area

Hardware solutions for cryptocurrency mining, blockchain platforms and related software, legal and consulting services: all of this will be available to event attendees in the exhibition area working in conjunction with the conference. It will involve companies representing the international blockchain industry.

Venue and organizer

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku will take place in the luxurious hotel called Hilton Baku on the shore of the Caspian Sea. Address: 1B Azadlig Avenue, Baku, AZ1000, Azerbaijan.

The event organizer is Smile-Expo that has founded the global network of Blockchain World Events in 25 countries.   

The event program and other details are available on the website of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Baku.

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