Market Overview from CryptoBrothers: ETF Influence, Correlation of Bitcoin with Gold and Other

Published on 03 Aug. 2018

Good news for our followers. We are launching the cooperation with the project  CryptoBrothers. Every week, they are publishing interesting video reviews from the cryptocurrency world. From now on, we will issue their videos (they have both Ukrainian and English versions), so that you could learn more about market tendencies, promising projects, and cryptocurrency analytics in the lay terms.

In the today’s video, CryptoBrothers discuss some essential events in the crypto industry, the influence of ETF on the market, and the news on the latest top ICO projects.

In particular, you will find out how the Bitcoin rate correlates with the historical price chart of the gold and whether Bitcoin will really cost $60 000 after the EFT approval. You will learn why the rejection of the Winklevoss’ application is not so crucial as the mainstream media claim and why the application from CBOE has better chances to succeed.

One more interesting fact from the vlog authors: they predict a shift of initiative to altcoins and their further growth, despite the current 50%-domination of Bitcoin on the market - first after the long period. And a bunch of ICO news as an icing on the cake - check it out on the CryptoBrothers channel.  

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