Activists in Odesa Pelted With Eggs the Office of Crypto Trading Company

Published on 21 May. 2018

In Odesa, the activists of the organization “Public Security Council” decided to create little chaos on the city streets and pelt with eggs and tomatoes the office of the company “National Blockchain Association.”

As the local Internet resource «Dumskaia» reports, the confrontation was caused by the conflict between the CFO of the cryptocurrency company, Israeli businessman Roman Kuper, and the leader of public activists and the head of “Public Security Council” Mark Gordiienko.

Roman Kuper states that the activist tried to persuade him to “donate on ATO” 50 thousand dollars. Gordiienko denies these words and calls Kuper a cheat and separatist. Activists came to have it out with the businessmen, but the latter shut down in the office. The police were trying to prevent the fights. Later on, Roman Kuper was evacuated from the office by the special police forces.

Kyiv department of Odesa police arrested three citizens for the petty crime - they threw “something odorous” on the company’s security. They will be brought to the administrative responsibility. The offense can be qualified as the criminal case according to the article 296, part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

This is not the first incident connected to cryptocurrencies in Odesa. At the end of last year, SSU searched the apartment of Anatolii Kaplan (Klimov), the founder of cryptocurrency Internet magazine ForkLog. SSU excluded wallets with cryptocurrencies that were afterward transferred to the SSU-controlled addresses, and computer equipment. 

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