Odesa Citizen Was Robbed When Buying Bitcoin

Published on 08 May. 2018

In Odesa, a local citizen was trying to enter the cryptocurrency world and invest in Bitcoin. His attempt resulted in beating and robbery – he was robbed of 1.5 million UAH (near $60 000).

As «Segodnia» reports referring to the press service of the Odesa prosecutor’s office, the local court will listen to the case of a man who robbed a local citizen from the sum of 1.5 million hryvnias. According to the prosecutor’s representative, a victim tried to buy Bitcoin. The main part of the victim’s losses (about 1 million UAH) is cash funds that he had with him. The rest sum is the price of the smartphone and jewelry that the man had.

A buyer came to the meeting, suspecting nothing. An attacker, together with accomplices, beat the man and took his cell phone, jewelry, and money,

- specified the prosecutor’s press service.

It also added some details about the suspect: in January, an attacker – the Ukrainian citizen – had been renting an apartment on General Petrov str., Odesa. He had arranged the meeting with the potential client for the digital currency selling.

The representative of the regional head department of the National Police said that all the materials were directed to the court last week. At the moment, the police are working on arresting two more accomplices involved in the attack. 

The first officially documented Bitcoin-robbery in Ukraine happened at the end of last year when the price of the cryptocurrency was holding within its historical maximum. At the end of December, a web-designer from Izium was attacked by two thieves. They penetrated the victim’s apartment and made him transfer 15 Bitcoins from his crypto wallet by threatening his health.

A similar case took place in Great Britain. In Moulsford, Oxfordshire, four armed men in masks broke into the crypto trader’s house and made him transfer all his funds in Bitcoin.

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