Creative Head of Village Council in Dnipropetrovsk Region Invests Communal Money in Cryptocurrencies

Published on 27 Apr. 2018
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A chairman of the Yelyzavetivka village council in Dnipropetrovsk region, Maksym Golosnyi, has dared for the unique experiment. He decided to invest extrabudgetary funds of the village’s community in cryptocurrencies.

Maksym Golosnyi wrote on his Facebook page:

Why the deputies of Verkhovna Rada, government members, and other officials can keep and declare cryptocurrencies, and ordinary villagers cannot? For me, it’s just an additional instrument for exiting the system crisis on the local level. This instrument already exists.

On April 24, the deputies of the Yelyzavetivka village council, located in Petrykivskii district of Dnipropetrovsk region, voted for the operations with cryptocurrencies in the interests of the community. According to this, the head of Yelyzavetivka can carry out operations with cryptocurrencies without attracting budget funds.

I’m officially reporting that, as of today, every member of the territorial community of the village Yelyzavetivka is officially provided with cryptocurrency. This is not a joke but a regular social experiment that has to be beneficial for ordinary people,

- said Golosnyi.

According to the head’s plan, he will invest in Cardano, Ripple, IOTA, and Bitcoin. The experiment will last to the year 2023, and everybody who is registered in the village and voted in 2015 will take part in it.

However, the head of the village identified some individuals, whom he called “social parasites.” They will not be allowed to take part in the experiment. Maksym Golosnyi states:

There are yet the categories of citizens not covered by the experiment. These are, first of all, “social parasites” – the individuals who have done nothing useful for their village during the whole time of their living here; people who were caught on the theft or damage of village property; individuals who were detected to dispose household rubbish in the wood lines and heath; people who were burning harvested fields; those who were convicted of corruption.

In Ukraine, Yelyzavetivka is the first community who invests in cryptocurrencies. At the moment, according to the head’s words, the first stage of the experiment has ended.

Three-week risking with your vacation pays, bonuses and financial aid in the interests of the community can benefit in the result that several times exceeds the promises of all political parties. The invested $530 has doubled. I’ve bought Cardano for the community for $0.14. I plan to withdraw my circulating assets for the experimental integrity so that no one’s finances suffered during the experiment. As a result, when in 2019 the rate will be, say, $1000/1 Cardano, or let it be $100, I will issue UAH or any other currency to the community on record, for free,

- Maksym Golosnyi explained.

The experiment is not too long, so we’ll wish luck to the creative head of village and hope for the transparent and liberal legislation, where the status of the cryptocurrencies will be clearly described so that law-abiding investors could pay taxes and not be afraid of losing their investments.

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