Medium clear ethereum adresses
30 Nov. 2016

Ethereum Network Is Cleaned Up from Empty Accounts

Finally, the last of millions of empty addresses, created by the fraudsters during the September DDoS-attacks, are deleted. The announcement about this appeared on the Twitter of Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the Ethereum.

Medium r3 open source 1024x683
30 Nov. 2016

Corda Souce Code Has Become Public

Bank consortium R3 which have been developing a private blockchain Corda for around a year already, has made its program code open for public. Platform code can be already viewed at github.

Medium  beyond the void
29 Nov. 2016

ICO of the Ethereum-Based Online Game Is Coming to an End

The game called Beyond the Void has already gathered about 300 thousand dollars during the crowdfunding campaign, which started in November, 1. This is a real time strategy (RTS) with MOBA elements – multiplayer online battle arena.

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Deutsche Bundesbank Tests Blockchain Technology

Deutsche Bundesbank has announced the testing of the prototype for securities trading, based on blockchain technologies, which is a result of cooperation with Deutsche Börse – market platform that trades securities and other assets.

29 Nov. 2016

Bug in the Geth Client After Ethereum Hard Fork

Ethereum developers still cannot handle the technical problems that repeatedly emerge in the network. Two days after the hard fork the bug in the one of the two main Ethereum clients – Geth – was detected. This was reported by Vitalik Buterin on the official Ethereum blog.

25 Nov. 2016

A 10-Millionth Bitcoin Wallet Has Been Registered on

The world most popular service for creating Bitcoin wallets has marked a sufficient rise of users, the number of which has reached 10 million accounts., besides its main function, provides various statistical information related to Bitcoin.

23 Nov. 2016