The ICO of the Decentralized Ecosystem of Domain Names “Nametoken” Has Started

Published on 08 Aug. 2017

On August 1, 2017, the crowdfunding campaign of Nametoken has been launched. The aim of the project is the development of the platform for investing into Internet-domain names. Investors and traders will be able to profit from registration, parking, listing, buying and selling of domain names.

About Nametoken

Domain trading and hosting are a quite profitable business. Some users register definite domain names, predicting their future demand and popularity, with the aim of earning on their resale. However, this market depends on intermediaries so far, so the matter of trust is a key question. intends to create a decentralized platform for making investments into purchasing the domain names. It should be based on the Ethereum smart-contracts, which automatically eliminates the intermediaries from the trading, and makes users full owners. This will mean an effective and reliable process of domain names trading. Smart-contracts will assure fast automatic payments and transparent fulfillment of agreements. 

Nametoken plans to launch the accessible decentralized web-hosting service as well, which will be highly secure. The files, stored there, will be divided, encrypted, and distributed over the whole network to provide their secure storage.

Company founders, Frank Menze and Jens Petersen have over 20 years of experience in domain trading and development of various hosting apps. They signed agreements with domains priced at several million dollars and launched electronic trading projects that brought several million profits.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Nametoken crowdsale has started on August, 1 and will last up to September, 30. During the crowdsale, 90% of NAT tokens will be sold, which is, according to the developers’ words, much more than other ICOs offer.

NAT tokens will be deflationary. This means that 50% of the company’s net profit will be used for the token repurchase. These tokens will be “burned”, to increase their market price. Another 50% will be invested again.

Also, the extensive reward system is planned – the unsold tokens will be kept in the reserve fund and will be used to stimulate the mobile market. This will highly increase the frequency of mobile app usage and will help Nametoken to get recognition fast.

As was mentioned above, 90% of tokens will be allocated for Nametoken investors, which is much fairer than other similar projects. Developer team reserved only 7% of tokens for itself, which will be distributed during the crowdsale. 3% will be directed to the consultative and legal support.

The funds, gathered during the Nametoken crowdfunding campaign, will be distributed the following way: 30% will go to the app development, 18% will be directed to the marketing campaign, 2% will be spent for legal support, 10% will take operational costs, and 40% will go as the first investments to domain purchase.

As for the question, when NAT will appear on trading platforms, the project’s FAQ page answers that the team is holding talks with several platforms, and during eight weeks after the end of ICO NAT will appear in the trading platforms’ listings.

All interested USA citizens will be able to purchase NAT on the aftermarket since they cannot be the investors of Nametoken on the stage of crowdsale (because of some USA legislation restrictions).

NAT can be purchased during ICO for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether. It is not recommended to send money directly from the crypto-currency trading platforms or from wallets with multi-signature – one risks to lose money.

Road Map

Not all ICO projects have a road map or clear plan of actions after the end of crowdsale. Nametoken is the one that possesses such a plan.

After the end of ICO on September 30, the project’s team plans to purchase its first domain names as soon as in October. In the last quarter of this year, the development of the first decentralized application will start, the beta-testing of it is planned for the first quarter of the year 2018. In the second half of 2018, the major delivery of Nametoken first application should be presented. The existence of such road map helps investors to visualize the future development of the project.

The detailed information about Nametoken can be found on the project’s website.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored story; it does not provide any recommendations on investments.

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