Satoshi Nakamoto Appeared in Ukraine’s Capital

Published on 01 Oct. 2018
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On the weekend, an unusual monument appeared in the Kyiv city center, on the crossroads between Khreshchatyk street and Taras Shevchenko Boulevard. We had announced its appearance in our previous publications.

The initiative belongs to the team of Satoshi Nakamoto Republic. A virtual monument was presented on September, 29. Not everyone can see it - one has to direct their smartphones with a particular app on the pedestal, just like in the Pokemon Go game, and only then the monument becomes visible. The mobile app was developed by the virtual reality company Raccoon World.

Yurii Nazarov, the Head of Information and Communication Technologies Department in Kyiv, was one to reveal the information about the monument opening on his Facebook page.

In his post, Nazarov wrote that the virtual monument, devoted to the Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, was erected in the center of Kyiv:

The last year’s cryptocurrency hype created the conditions for technology development, particularly blockchain. Before the end of the year, we plan to use it for the kindergarten registering service. And today we’ve opened the monument to Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, thanks to whom the world financial system has forever changed.

The artists tried to visualize the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto in 3D format.

The expected monument doesn’t stand at a certain place. One can see it when standing in the necessary range and pressing a button “+” on the app.

You can find an app to see the virtual Satoshi Nakamoto in Kyiv here.

This virtual monument is the first one built within the program of the Augmented Cities Fund under the authority of the Satoshi Nakamoto Republic.

The website of the Republic states that two more virtual prototypes of Satoshi Nakamoto are planned to be launched in the USA before the end of 2018. The initial idea appeared as a result of a partnership between the Satoshi Nakamoto Republic and Younk - the first musical label on the blockchain. Pavlo Yelizarov and Andrii Dakhovskii became the founders of the virtual monuments in Los Angeles and Miami.


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