Meet The Powerhouse Speakers coming to WBS Dubai 2018

Published on 20 Sep. 2018
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Connecting global blockchain influencers and experts with investors and emerging startups, Trescon’s World Blockchain Summit is back with its Dubai edition this year. The event, which is a part of a global series, is all set to welcome blockchain’s elite squad of speakers, each one with their own profound knowledge and area of expertise with respect to blockchain and e-commerce.

Dinis Guarda, Founder CEO, Ztudium, Blocksdna and Intelligenthq

Ranked as one of the most influential people in blockchain, Dinis is a highly dynamic and skilled crypto-evangelist, with over 20 years of experience in international business and digital transformation. Having worked with a series of organisations such as the UN, various Governmental authorities, Banks and even ‘think-tanks’, Dinis is credited with his efforts in bridging the economic gap between Africa and Asia by opening a bank and managing startups across these two continents.

He is also the founder and advisor for Ztudium, Blocksdna, and Intelligenthq, all of which are blockchain driven startups, and has authored over a dozen books pertaining to the fields of Blockchain and AI.

James Bernard, Director- Sales, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

As a competent professional business developer and commodities trader, James has gathered comprehensive knowledge around developing and growing business streams across a wide range of sectors. Whilst heading the sales division at the DMCC, he has driven their growth exponentially by combining his highly commended sales techniques with new age technologies like Big Data and Predictive Analytics.

Having adopted the entrepreneurial spirit from his early days, he is currently the founding member of the Dubai ‘Global Blockchain Council’. His area of expertise includes advanced sales strategies, Big Data and Predictive Analysis, Process Flow Digitalisation and other ledger based technologies.

Nick Spanos, Founder,

An administrator of new divergent ideas, Nick founded the ‘Bitcoin Center’ in New York, the first ever trading platform for cryptocurrency that also served as a source of inspiration for the widely acclaimed Netflix movie ‘Banking on Bitcoin’. Nick is also the co-founder of, a blockchain space that supplies off-chain data for smart contracts.

A sought-after public speaker, he has been a part of several documentaries filmed around the field of blockchain. He is termed as a technological ideator, who is well known for inventing and patenting concepts such as multi-branched blockchain technology and blockchain voting.

Jason Hsu, Legislator/ Congressman (Crypto Congressman), Legislative Yuan

Jason Hsu is a Legislator and Congressman in the Legislative Yuan Republic of China (Taiwan). He is widely known as the ‘Crypto Congressman’, a name which was given to him by Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Etherum and the Bitcoin magazine.

As a technophile, he has introduced several initiatives around autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity legislation and digital economy laws, and is now focusing on making Taiwan a blockchain island. In 2009, he co-founded TEDx Taipei and is serving as the TEDx ambassador for Asia since 2011. As a legislator, his most recent accomplishment includes him legalising same-sex marriages in Taiwan.

Sean Dennis, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Dubai Future Accelerators, United Arab Emirates

Through his profound traveling experiences, Sean has manifested the application of entrepreneurial culture across various industries. His deep-rooted passion for e-commerce and blockchain has seen the advent of emerging start-ups, which he nurtures as an advisor!

He is also the Chief Happiness Officer for Loyyal, and is currently working as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the Dubai government, and has been featured frequently in renowned publications like the Harvard Business Review and Forbes.

About the panel:

The World Blockchain Summit will house two panels, government and investors respectively, as a part of the event. The government panel will bring together leading global representatives from governments across the world, to discuss the various applications and limitations of blockchain technology for governmental operations. The panel will also see engaging debates about real-world blockchain strategies in public sectors such as Healthcare, Education and Transportation.

The exclusive investor panel, on the other hand, will host discussions on institutional investing into Cryptofunds, ICOs, Crypto Angel/VC, Asset Tokenisation and Direct Placements, which will involve institutional investors, private banks, family offices, hedge funds and accredited individuals. The panel will also shed light on embracing digital tokens as the new means for umbrella investments.

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