FuturoCoin: New Cryptocurrency That Lets You Enter the Blockchain World

Published on 20 Apr. 2018

The blockchain technology is blasting our modern world. No matter if you are a newcomer in this market or a professional trader, it is easier to become a cryptocurrency holder than you think. There not that many people who have several spare thousand dollars to buy Bitcoin. You’d rather take a smaller amount and spend it for a completely new but promising cryptocurrency that will gain its value with some time. FuturoCoin might be one of these currencies.

FuturoCoin was introduced to the blockchain community in January 2018. FuturoCoin is a part of peer-to-peer electronic cash system that provides instant transactions. Such exchanges as YoBit, Coindeal and Piyasa has already introduced FuturoCoin in their trading systems. The daily trading volume of FTO at YoBit has already reached $255k.

What do we know about FuturoCoin?

FuturoCoin is based on the already existing code of the DASH cryptocurrency - one the Top 15 currencies on CoinMarketCap. Due to that choice, FuturoCoin has an access to the benefits and upgrades of DASH.

We’ve selected 3 main benefits of FuturoCoin:

1. Instant payments

The team of developers has created an extended version of DASH. The main difference between FuturoCoin and DASH is that in the first one all transactions are instant. It means that FuturoCoin completely excluded the problem of waiting until the transactions are confirmed. The confirmation of any transaction requires only 4 seconds in FuturoCoin, when in DASH it can take up tp 15 minutes. Moreover, there is a possibility to have up to 10 inputs or outputs in 1 transaction with a fixed fee.

2. Two-tiered network

FuturoCoin uses masternodes as part of its system. Masternodes are responsible for instant payments, governance, and low and fixed transaction fee. Comparing with DASH, where masternodes receive an additional fee for processing instant transactions, in FuturoCoin there is no additional fee for this kind of operations.

3. Transaction fees

All transactions in FuturoCoin are instant and have one fixed fee, while in DASH it varies and depends on the rate of the currency and type of the transaction - instant is more expensive than the ordinary one. The fee in FuturoCoin doesn’t depend on the number of coins being sent. With one transaction you can send coins to up to 10 recipients - the fee will stay the same.

It’s important to distinguish real coins from scams. One of the main approaches of FuturoCoin is to be transparent and open for its users. The code is publicly available and you can check it right now. The project is legit and has an advanced security system that protects the platform from any types of attacks.

FuturoCoin can become the next coin of the future. It is beneficial both for business and everyday use. Large traders and businessmen can join FuturoCoin network and receive a higher income as soon as the coin broadens its use. Cryptocurrencies can be used as a financial instrument for investing in other projects. The same use is possible for FuturoCoin. Meanwhile, ordinary people can use the coin for shopping and daily payments and do not spend much time on making transactions.

For more information about FuturoCoin please visit the official website.

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Disclaimer: this is a sponsored story; it does not provide any recommendations on investments.

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