Self-Proclaimed Creator of Bitcoin Is Accused of Theft

Published on 01 Mar. 2018

A family of the programmer Dave Kleiman sued his former business partner Craig Wright for the theft of Bitcoins and intellectual property.

An Australian Craig Wright who previously claimed that he had invented Bitcoin, was accused by the family of his former business partner of conversion of up to 10 billion dollars.

The publicity found out about the lawsuit for the first time from the technical website Motherboard. The suit stated that Wright had been mining Bitcoin together with the programmer Dave Kleiman, who had perished in 2013. Afterward, Wright had worked out a criminal scheme to steal Dave’s Bitcoins. A complainant, who represented the property interests of Dave Kleiman, was his brother Ira. He admitted that the general sum of Bitcoins under the question was unknown, but he assumed that it probably could be from 300 thousand to 1 million BTC. Taking into account the current rate of Bitcoin, we talk about up to 10 billion dollars.

It is unclear whether Craig and Dave are the creators of Bitcoin, but it is evident that they have been involved in the cryptocurrency from the moment of Bitcoin creation, and have accumulated an enormous amount of Bitcoin between the 2009 and 2013 years,

- states the lawsuit.

The suit was filed two weeks ago to the court of Florida. Complainant claimed that, at the time of Kleiman’s death, no one from his family had known about Dave’s involvement in Bitcoin creation.

… Knowing that Craig worked out a scheme for the conversion of Dave’s property in Bitcoin and his rights for specific intellectual property on the Bitcoin technology.

The complainant also stated that Wright had used fake documents to persuade Kleiman’s family that the dead developer had passed all his property rights for the company W&K Info Defense Research. When Ira Kleiman had doubted the authenticity of documents, Wright had promised to pay off the part of Dave’s property. The payments were never received.

Kleiman’s brother is looking for the Wright’s and Kleiman’s Bitcoins that allegedly were mined in the first days of the cryptocurrency appearance, as well as intellectual property that belongs to W&K. The estimated value of those assets is more than 5 billion US dollars.

Until 2015, Craig Wright was the unknown figure even among the crypto community. But that year, the Australian tax service investigated his participation in cryptocurrency development. It led to gossips and speculations on him possibly being Satoshi Nakamoto, an unknown creator of Bitcoin.

In 2016, Wright publicly declared himself Nakamoto, but experts doubted the proofs he presented. Wright promised to provide additional proofs, but after several days he refused and apologized, saying that he had no courage. However, after that time, Wright became public and famous among Bitcoin community and never denied his statements.  

It is still unknown who really is a creator of Bitcoin – the revolutionary technology that confuses minds and shatters economics of the most powerful world countries. But it is known that Satoshi Nakamoto – a person or a group of people – is one of the wealthiest people in the world. His capital estimates at 10.3 billion dollars (at the moment), these funds are kept continuously on one wallet for already many years.


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