We Are Working on e-Hryvnia, Not Personal Cryptocurrency, - NBU

Published on 12 Jan. 2018

Yesterday, on the NSDC meeting, devoted to the absence of the regulation of the cryptocurrency market in Ukraine, NBU representatives mentioned that they were working on investigating the question of the personal cryptocurrency.

Today, in its message to the agency “Interfax-Ukraine” the National Bank has misrepresented the information. It has explained that the statement meant that NBU continues the research for the possible introduction of e-hryvnia – the national blockchain-based currency. The project has been running since the end of 2016.

The National Bank clarifies that the point in question is a possible introduction of the digital hryvnia and not personal cryptocurrency,

- says NBU representative.

The regulation body believes that e-hryvnia can help to minimize the transactional expenses of the market members and carry out payments almost immediately. 

We are still researching within this project [e-hryvnia],

- the financial regulator says.

At the beginning of December, the National Bank of Ukraine has expanded the workgroup to speed up the transition of the national currency to the blockchain.

The acting head of the NBU reported then:

We have enhanced our team with the world-class professionals, and we optimistically predict the growth of the project during the nearest months.


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