Ukrainian Entrepreneur Sells Real Estate for Bitcoins

Published on 28 Dec. 2017

Lately, new technologies are getting into our lives quite rapidly. Earlier, only IT specialists had mentioned cryptocurrency in their narrow circles, expressing skepticism and being afraid of the general incomprehension, as told in our previous publication one of the pioneers of the cryptocurrency payments Nazar Gulyk, co-founder of the web development studio Schrodinger's Cat Laboratory. Now, the picture on the Ukrainian markets has changed drastically. Even inveterate skeptic start to dwell upon cryptocurrency’s what and where.  

And open-minded entrepreneurs have quickly caught the wave and started to introduce cryptocurrency to their businesses. It is already known that one can buy a car for cryptocurrency in Ukraine, pay for the fuel on the WOG gas station, and make purchases in “Citrus”.

Gennadii Balashov, a famous entrepreneur, TV and radio presenter, politician and philosopher, has joined the progressive part of Ukrainians. He was examining new money for quite a while and concluded in his video report on YouTube that it would become a new push for the country’s economics.

Recently, Mr. Balashov purchased 1 Bitcoin and already experienced the taste of exchange fluctuations, when the Bitcoin rate dropped from $15 600 to $13 800 during the day. Despite this, he hasn’t got disappointed in Bitcoin and calls his supporters to join the modernization.

On his Facebook page, the entrepreneur also publishes the educational information about cryptocurrencies.

Balashov told that the restaurant that he usually visits for dinner pays its staff in Bitcoins. In his opinion, even bribes are now taken in Bitcoins. Gennadii Balashov has decided to sell the property, managed by his agency “Lypky” in Kyiv, for this currency. That entails offices, villas, and another estate, owned by the entrepreneur.

It is to be mentioned that Ukraine doesn’t have any clear legislation norms for the cryptocurrency yet, so there is no sense in carrying out serious operations with this kind of assets at the moment.

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