EXMO Leading Analyst Disappeared in Kyiv

Published on 27 Dec. 2017
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On December 26, Pavel Lerner, a famous blockchain expert, analyst, and director of EXMO disappeared in Kyiv. Police representative reported to the journalists of STRANA.ua that the expert had been ceased to connect with, and the police regarded the event as kidnapping.

A Russian Pavel Lerner is a leading IT expert and a resident of Spain. In Ukraine, he was connected to some startups involved in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

According to the police representative, Lerner had stopped replying to calls since afternoon yesterday. The investigation showed that Pavel was kidnapped near his office in Kyiv. The unknown in masks forcefully dragged Lerner into the car Mercedes-Benz Vito. The investigation on the search of the IT specialist continues. The kidnapping is likely to be connected with Pavel’s professional activities.

Some resources assume that Lerner can become a second Vynnyk, who was accused of money laundering through the BTC-e exchange on the USA request. Or, maybe the IT-specialist became a victim of fraudsters.

Recently, a cryptocurrency resource ForkLog experienced a search and confiscation of equipment and cryptocurrency in its office in Odesa. At the same time, SSU accused ForkLog founder Anatolii Kaplan of money laundering via cryptocurrencies. He repelled the accusation as absurd and stated that Ukrainian law enforcement put pressure on the Ukrainian crypto community.

Ukraine still has no clear legislation which would at least specify the status of the cryptocurrencies, not to mention their legalization, as has been done in neighboring Belarus recently.

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