Russia Plans Criminalization of the Cryptocurrency Payments

Published on 07 Dec. 2017
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Aleksey Moiseev, the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Finance of the RF, has reported to the journalists that in 2018, his institution plans to introduce amendments to the law to prosecute individuals for the organization of payments by the cash equivalents on the especially large scale. 

RNS quotes the official’s words:

The Constitution declares that ruble is a means of payment on the territory of the Russian Federation. Consequently, one cannot pay any other way – neither “Monopoly” tokens nor money from World of Tanks, nor receipts, nor subscriptions, nor notes.  

“One can pay only with ruble in the Russian Federation. If you lack rubles, you can exchange Bitcoins for rubles and go to LavkaLavka buy a doughnut. But you cannot come to LavkaLavka and buy a doughnut for Bitcoins – this is a constitutional principle. At the moment, there is no punishment for this violation. What are we doing now? We are working on a detailed realization of the constitutional principle and punishments for the different degrees of violations,” – added Moiseev.  

Following his words, the violation of the payment organization only will cause a criminal liability. In general, minor infractions will cause administrative punishment. 

Earlier we’ve informed that, despite rumors, Russia is not going to legalize Bitcoin. 

Moiseev has specified the laws liable to amendments. This is the Code of Administrative Offenses, the law on “The Central Bank,” and the Code of Criminal Offenses. As he’s emphasized, the changes will be made the next year. 

It is also known that the office of the Ministry of Finance plans to introduce liability for the organization of the cryptocurrency payments. They do not yet intend to punish for the Bitcoin purchase. Moiseev has summed up that buying-selling will be neither prohibited nor defended. As for payments, cryptocurrency will be considered as cash equivalents. 

Ministry of Finances does not deny that it will impose a tax on mining. This will be done when the notions registers, validators, miners, and other will be defined, the regulation for ICO will be written down, and the mining will be interpreted as entrepreneurship. According to such definition, the Ministry is going to appoint taxation. However, Moiseev does not deny that the separate tax for miners may be imposed. Previously, the deputy head has told that the state should know “who stands on both sides of the financial chain.” 

The first bill draft about the cryptocurrency and token regulation was introduced in the Russian Duma on the beginning of December so one can expect the control of the digital technologies in the financial sphere of the RF to the end of the current year. 

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