Moscow Government Plans to Use Blockchain for Voting

Published on 05 Dec. 2017
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Moscow government develops plans for using blockchain in the local initiatives voting. 

Last year, the official representatives of the Moscow government announced to the local media that they were examining the blockchain technology to reduce the risk of fraud while people’s voting on the questions of city management.  The possible use of the technology can become a part of the digital governmental project “Active Citizen.” It introduces one of the several spheres, where the blockchain is under investigation (among other things, as a basis for the new system of land registration).

And now, according to the report from the 4th of December, published on the official website of the Moscow mayor, the government is working on the experimental system for tracking votes via blockchain. It also states that the technology will make the current program of the government “Active Citizen” more “transparent”:

Introduction of this technology will make the voting within the project “Active Citizen” even more transparent: it would be hard to say that the administration misinterprets answers or changes results since the citizens will be able to check this information themselves. In the case of “Active Citizen,” from November 22, 2017, every vote is recorded in the system and copied to the other nodes in the blockchain network. 

Together with the public announcement, the government has published an open source code, which is the basis of this pilot solution, on the open repository on GitHub.

The announcement doesn’t contain an explicit explanation whether the blockchain-based voting is within the limits of the “Active Citizen” project. However, it draws attention to the Russian private sector, including the central securities depository, which has started to test blockchain voting that allows shareholders to vote for corporate decisions. 

Ukraine also considers the possibility to carry out the process of voting, in particular, elections, with the help of blockchain technology. 

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