CryptoKitties: Most Popular Ethereum Network App

Published on 05 Dec. 2017
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CryptoKitties, a new blockchain game, built on the Ethereum platform, has earned more than 2.6 million dollars in a matter of a week after the release. 

CryptoKitties were released on November, 28 by the company AxiomZen. Apart from the entertaining function, the game has also an introductory one. In the modern world, the blockchain technology is rapidly integrating into various spheres of human activity. So, playing “CryptoKitties,” users have a chance to better understand the nature of the cryptocurrency space, blockchain, and Ethereum smart contracts. 

Explaining why exactly kitties, the developers mentioned on their website:

Cats are impossible to understand. They are the ambassadors for Pharaohs, memes, and your mother’s Facebook page. They do not discriminate; they despise everyone equally. 

According to Eth Gas Station data, more than 15% of Ethereum transactions during the last 1500 blocks fall at “CryptoKitties.” It reflects the great interest of the community in the new project, and it is the absolute record for the Ethereum blockchain decentralized apps. 

The essence of the game is to buy and breed crypto kitties, and then sell them at the auction. AxiomZen receives 3.75% of the agreement value from every sold kitty. The price of cryptokitties varies a lot, the cheapest one can be bought for 0.03 ETH (equivalent $14), and today’s most expensive cat – Genesis – was sold for more than 250 ETH (around $117 000). 

To start raising kitties, one has to use Chrome or Firefox browsers and install a browser wallet Metamask. Owning two cryptokitties, a user can get other kitties with unique characteristics, which can be sold for the higher price. After the kitty’s “birth,” the interval of creating the new one increases - from 1 minute to 1 week. Every 15 minutes developers release a new kitten with its 256-bit genetic code. 

The developers posted a short video on their YouTube channel where they explain the essence of CryptoKitties blockchain game.

As they write on the “CryptoKitties” website, the goal of the project is entertainment: 

We are not aiming at building future – we are trying to have fun with it. 


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